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NATIONAL FORTNIGHT FOR EYE DONATION" held at SRKM Sarada Vidyalaya H.S.School. Usman Road, Chennai 600017, on 28.8.14.

Lions Club of Central Madras, District 324 A1,Greater Chennai ExNoRa and Sri RKM SaradaVidyalaya Higher Secondary School, Usman Road, Chennai 600017. organised an Awareness meeting to commerate, National Eye Donation Fortnight, , on28.8.14.., at the School premises.

MrsR.Meena,, the H.M.welcomed the Past District Governor and other dignitaries and gave a thought provoking speech high lighting the need an necessity of Eye Donation.

Lion AndalRajaram, First Lady of the Club, in her Presidential address emphasized the teachers role on molding the students and also on the need of eye donation. Lion AndalRajaram administered a oath on the propagation and the need for Eye Donation , to all students.

Lion S.N.Harinarayanan, Chairman Projects, high lighted the the program during the National Fortnight for Eye Donation, for the past 27 years.This is the 28th. Year.He requested students to propagate this message of Eye Donation to their friends and their parents, which will help the elders to take this forward, at the time NEED. Lion Harinarayanan, further adviced the students to participate in three activities.1.Blood donation.2.Eye donation.3.Adhering the Traffic rules.

Mr. S.V.G.Subramanian, ,Deputy Manager, C.U.Shah Eye Ban, SankaraNethralaya addressed the students.He emphasized the importance of eyes and how every body wants to keep this safe and beautiful also.Hetold them to remind their parents at the time of grief , the noble deed of Eye Donation.He specifically told them to remember Toll Free Telephone number 1919.During interaction, students asked very interesting questions, particularly on the health condition of the individual deceased.

Past District Governor and Founder Trustee of Chennai Lions Eye Bank Trust, Lion G.V.Raman, explained the students the difficulties experienced by the blind people.He requested all to try a small exercise, by blind folding their eyes walk in to their kitchen and get a cup of water.Then we will really experience what would be the difficulties faced these less unfortunate persons.He passionately requested the students to remind their parents, first pledge their eyes and then help in motivating their friends and relatives to donate the eyes of the deceased.. .Also, he released the Handbills on the Awareness and Need for Eye Donation, a poster on the eye donation.At this juncture entire staff of SRKM SaradaVidyalaya came forward to present their signed pledge forms, led by the Headmistress , to the Chief Guest, Lion G.V.Raman.

After the meeting the NSS Volunteers, Junior Red Cross and ECO Club students formed a human chain on the main Usman Road, holding Placards depicting slogans on the Eye Donation and also distributed the Handbills printed for this special occasion.

Mr. R.Govindaraj, President, Greater Chennai Ex Nora, coordinated with the school and Lions Club for organizing this most meaningful project and also graced the project by his esteemed presence,.

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Helen Keller Remembrance Day and Dr Sitalakshmi Gift of Sight Awards Day celebrated at Sankara Nethralaya

Lions Club of Central Madras, District 324A1 is a 42 years old service organisation, chartered on 9th. August, 1971.

Now, the club is is in its 43rd. year.

The club ,as per the motto of the Lions Clubs International, "WE SERVE". is focusing on various projects , such Education, Environment, Infrastructure to the school and many health related projects.

The main focus of the club is SIGHT FIRST, DIABETES , BLOOD DONATION etc.

From the year 1998, the club , in association with Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai is conducting eye screening camps, for Cataract, Diabetic Retinopathy, School Students, Awareness camps on the need and necessity for eye donation, helping to collect Cornea by continuous interaction and timely counseling.

All this projects, were built on a strong foundation, the Clarion Call given by one of the most extraordinary Lady who herself, was Deaf, Mute and Blind.

She urged the Lions all over the world, while addressing their International Convention, in 1925, to adopt her and become Knight of the Blinds to conquer the blindness.

The great Lady was none other than, HELEN KELLER.

She was born on June 27, 1880 and died on June First 1968.

Lions are observing the first June as HER REMEMBRANCE DAY.

Lions club of Central Madras is observing this , from the Lionistic year 1999-2000.

The club instituted three awards to commemorate, this occasion every year.

This year, recipients of these awards are::

a) Lions NAB Eye Hospital, Miraj, Maharashtra.
b)Dr. K.V.Reddy Memorial Lions Eye Hospital, Bodhan, Nizamabad, Telangana.

2. Knight of the Blind Award

a)Dr. Neredu Krishna, Opthalmologist, Dr.K.V.Reddy Memorial Eye Hospital, Bodhan. Telangana..
b)Mrs. Dhanashree Prasad Airsang, Ophthalmic Assistant, Lions NAB Eye Hospital, Miraj.

3. DR. G.SIATALAKSHMI GIFT OF SIGHT Award, (in memory and honor of the par excellent cornea consultant who died in August 2007.)
Dr. Archana K.Biradar. Lions NAB Eye Hospital, Miraj.

This year we are observing this Remembrance Day on Friday 27.06.14 from 5.30.PM at Sri. V.D. Swami Auditorium, Sankara Nethralaya, 18, College Road, Chennai 600006.

Prof. Dr.D.Shantharam , Vice Chancellor, The T.N.Dr. M.G.R. Medical University,will be the Chief Guest and present awards.

Lion Dr. S.S.Badrinath, spoke on the qualities of Dr. G.Sitalakshmi as an Ophthalmologist and also as a human being, a good one in both.He also thanked Lions Club of Central Madras for Instituting this Awaard and presenting to the up cpming cornea Speacilists from all over India, since 2008.

District Governor Lion K.Balachandra Reddy released the club’s Bulletin, “SERVICE” and commended L/C Central Madras FOR THE SERVICES RENDERED TO THE COMMUNITY IN ALL SPHERES IN GENERAL AND IN THE FIELD OF Sight First in particular.

Lion Dr. K.S. Lakshmi, Past Dist. Governor will felicitate PDG Lion N.S. Sankar on his election as International Director Endorsee at Multiple level and wished him a formal success in the International Convention to be held in thee first week of July 2014.

She also told that the Lions of District 324 A1, in particular and Lions of South India in general,expecting a lot from him.

PDG LionN.S.Sankar assured that he will do his best as an International Director, once elected , in July 2014 and congratulated L/C Central Madras for observing Helen Keller Remembrance Day right from 1999-2000, continuously and presenting awards to Eye Hospitals, Ophthalmologists and para medical staff ,..

Dr.T.S. Surendran Vice Chairman, , offered felicitations to all recipients and also L/C Central Madras members for organizing this event year after year.

Lion. S.N. Harinarayanan, Chairman Sight First, Lion K.Jayaraman and Lion C.T.Natesan co ordinated the program and Lion Dr.M.Ravishanar .proposed vote of thanks.

Lion S.N Harinarayanan
Chairman-Projects & Sight First.

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Lions Club honours Penn Nalam

Sankara Nethralaya chairman-emeritus Dr S S Badrinath released the Lions Club’s bulletin ‘SERVICE’ and congratulated the awardees

Lions Club of Central Madras in association with Sankara Nethralaya presented memorial awards at a function held at V D Swami Auditorium, Sankara Nethralaya, Nungambakkam recently.

According to a press release, K Namitha Bhuvaneswari, director, Regional Institute of Opthalmology and Suprientendent, Government Ophthalmic Hospital, Chennai presented the awards.

Lion Dr C V Ananthasayanam Memorial Award was given to ‘Penn Nalam’, a ‘Woman for Women’ Wellness Centre - To save lives of women from Cancer on time.

Lion Dr P Sivaraj Memorial Award was given to Dr T Kumaran, senior medical offi cer, Delphi-TVS Mannur and Vimal Silveria, deputy director, Confederation of Indian Industry, Chennai.

Lions E S Krishnan Memorial Award was given to Lions Club of Kumbakonam Host, District 324 A2 and Lion Dr V Aravinth Reddy Memorial Award to Dr VLR Ganeshkumar, consultant-diabetes, Madurai, for creating awareness on diabetes in a unique way by music and publishing books.

Also, special recognition award was given to Rajdeepan of Wipro Technologies for his special contribution of collecting 1,000 units of blood this year with ‘Helping Hand’.

Sankara Nethralaya chairman-emeritus Dr S S Badrinath released the Lions Club’s bulletin ‘SERVICE’ and congratulated the awardees.

Lions Club of Madras District 324A1 instituted the four awards in honour and memory of four great Lion members, who dies one by one in 2010, early 2011 and in October 2012, from the year 2011-2012.

Lions Club president Dr Vijayalakshmi Thavva, past district governor G V Raman and many other participated.

Lion S.N Harinarayanan
Chairman-Projects & Sight First.

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43rd Year Inter Collegiate Quiz Competition - Dedicated to Lion. Prof. K.R.Sundararajan.

I am happy to share with you all that our 43rd Edition of Quiz Competition went off very well yesterday.

As ,we dedicated this year's competition to our Friend Philosopher and Guide Lion Prof. KRS, on his Centenary year, we received over whelming responses from various colleges.

About 90 Students from 25-30 colleges participated in the competition.

After going through a tough preliminary competition conducted by the veteran Quiz Master and our good friend, Dr. Sumanth C.Raman, 6 teams consisting two students for each team entered the final round of the competition.

While the scoring was on, we had our regular meeting started with flag salutation by Lion C.T.Natesan.

President Lion Vijayalakshmi Thavva welcomed the students, parents and members.

She also quizzed the students by asking one question, utilising the time available and in a way it was a formal inauguration by our President.

PDG Lion G.V.Raman recalled his very close and affectionate moments with Lion KRS.

He further told students about Lion KRS's good qualities, such as , his courage of, conviction, generosity , kindness, discipline, punctuality and administrative ability.

The young, Quiz Committee Chairperson, Lion Usha Bhushan, gave the committee report.

Quiz Master , Dr. Sumanth C.Raman was introduced by Past President Lion Andal Rajaram in her inimitable way.

The finals started with flow of questions and visuals, on many topics, medicine, Science, History, Sports etc,
There were many interesting moments some quick answers, some answers with hesitation and some were out of context bringing out laughs and making competition mare lively.

Our District Chairperson Evaluation & Awards Lion Kalamathy graced the occasion.

First Place:

1. MJF Lion Dr. C.V.Ananathasayanam Trophy to Asan Memorial College of Arts & Science. college., and,

To each winning student, Mr.K. Rithwi &Ms. Yashasvi Chaturvedi,

2. A certificate,
3. A cash prize of Rs. 1,500/ &
4. A 8 GB pen drive
5. A Silver Medal

Second Place
1. MJF Lion G.Srinivasan Trophy to I.I.T.Madras., and,

To each winning student Mr.Jayadev Bhaskaran &Swaroop Ramaswamy.,
2. A certificate,
3. A cash prize of Rs. 1,000/ &
4. A 8 GB pen drive
5. A Silver Medal

Third Place:
1. MJF Lion K.Jayaraman Trophy to Ragas Dental college., and,

To each winning student, Ms.Mahima Menon & Ms.Geethanjali
2. A certificate,
3. A cash prize of Rs. ,500/ &
4. A 8 GB pen drive

Meeting came to an end with a formal vote of thanks by Secretary Lion Dr. M.Ravishankar.

My sincere thanks to, Lion Andal Rajaram Lion Captain Venkat Rajaram and Committee e Chairperson Lion Usha Bhushan for sponsoring the silver medals, cash prizes and also to PMJF Lion K.S.Babai for sponsoring 12 nos 8GB Pen Drives.

All these, made this year's competition a more memorable one to dedicate to our Bhishma Pithamaha Lion KRS. in his centenary year.(1913-2013)

We express my sincere gratitude and thanks from the bottom of my heart for the entire family of S.N. who are giving their support and help year after year.

Your partner in service

Lion S.N Harinarayanan
Chairman-Projects & Sight First.

Lions club of central Madras conducted two projects on 12.7.13. in the honor of welcoming District Governor PMJF Lion K.Balachandra     Reddy on his returning from 96TH. International Convention at Hamburg.

Dine with Divine project at Balavihar, Halls Road. Kalmyk, Chennai 600010.

Around 150 mentally retarded inmates were given breakfast and our members also enjoyed the food along with them.

Visit to Sankara Nethralaya, Community Wing, JCOC.

19 of our camp patients were brought to JCOC, Community wing of Sankara Nethralaya for further comprehensive examinations and surgery,

Lion Dr. S.S.Badrinath, Chairman Emeritus, Sankara Nethralaya, Lion Vijayalakshmi Thavva, PDG Lion G.V.Raman and other members of L/C Central Madras welcomed the Governor and other Lion Dignitaries.

Dr. Sundeep Mark Thirumalai gave the Governor an Hospital tour and explained the functioning of JCOC

Helen Keller Remembrance Day and Dr Sitalakshmi Gift of Sight Awards Day celebrated at Sankara Nethralaya

The Lion’s club of Central Madras and Sankara Nethralaya, two institutions working at the forefront of banishing blindness and providing vision to millions, honoured the memory of two great women whose personal example would continue to ignite their passion for service to the blind in the years to come, on the 21st of June 2013 at a grand function attended by senior office bearers of the Lions Club and senior management and staff members of Sankara Nethralaya, held at the Sri VD. Swami Auditorium, Sankara Nethralaya, Main campus. The spirit of courage and service of the lady who defied darkness to become the greatest ambassador and a beacon of hope to the blind and the memory of a brilliant, passionate and dedicated doctor who brought the latest techniques with a human touch to her patients were recalled. Members and office bearers of the Lions Club of Central Madras spoke in length on the significant contributions of Helen Keller, the role of Lions clubs worldwide in combating blindness and the successful partnership between the Lions Club of Central Madras and Sankara Nethralaya in this noble initiative. Delivering the Chief Guest’s address Lion Sangeeta Jatia, Director, Lions Clubs International hailed Dr SS.Badrinath as a ‘Living God’, she emphasized that the best things in life cannot be seen or heard but felt and his service to the blind is one of them. She emphasized that while no one can do everything everybody could certainly do something, adding that every one of us should learn a lesson in advocacy from the great Helen Keller.

Speaking on the occasion Dr SS.Badrinath, Chairman Emeritus, Sankara Nethralaya expressed that it was most heartening and inspiring to note that such great work is being carried out in the field of eye care and providing of vision by the Lion’s Club and young and motivated people from across the country. He expressed his deep gratitude to the Lions Club of Central Madras for their continued support and encouragement and had a special word of praise for Lion Harinarayanan whom he described as an ‘Ambassador of Vision’, Dr SS.Badrinath recalled Dr Sitalakshmi as a great surgeon and a wonderful person with an unshakeable involvement in the institution she served and her work and a spirit to do more and more for her patients, a quality which everyone of us should imbibe.

Esteemed dignitaries of the function, District Governor Lion TAS. Ramamurthy and past District Governor Lion Dr. KS.Lakshmi commended the award winners and achievers for their sacrifice and service to society and felicitated the Lions Club of Central Madras for its yeoman service to the visually impaired.

The day witnessed the awarding of the I(Eye) Care, Young achiever and Knight of the Blind awards, to the thundering applause of the gathering, we take pleasure in bringing the details of the same below
i(eye) care awards
a. Sri Sai Lions Netralaya, Patna, Bihar
b. Nethrodhaya, a Chennai based Self Help Group (SHG) engaged in providing eye care and rehabilitation to the visually impaired.

(II) Knight of the Blind Award
Dr. Amarnath Choudhary, Chief Eye Surgeon, S S L N, Patna Mr. Babu Vijayakumar, ML, Chennai (Born Blind)

(III) Dr. G. Sitalakshmi Gift of Sight Award
Dr. Arundhati Tamuli, Chief Medical Officer, Lion K K Saharia Eye Hospital, Dibrugarh, Assam

(IV) Young Achiever Award
R. Swarnalakshmi, 10th Std Student of Little Flower Higher Sec. School for the Blind, She was invited to address at United Nations, New York in March 2013.

The day ended with the presenting of a special mirror as a Low Vision Care device to people affected by partial blindness.

The New Indian Express

“Improving Attendance & Reducing the Drop outs on 28-04-2013 at Brinda Primary School, Gopalapuram, Chennai 600086.

It all started in the year2008-09 after seeing a news item in the Times of India, Mumbai Edition.

In this school most of the students are from the poorest of the poor.

Their parents are using these girls in particular as a substitute to their labour work when they fall sick.

This badly affects the attendance and in the course of time the student stops to coming to school.

The initiative by the Mumbai Corporation? to give an incentive of for everyday the student attends the school, gave a very good result in the improvement of their attendance.

We, Lions Club of Madras introduced this project in this School in the year 2008-09.

This is the fifth year we continue this most meaningful project year after year.

This year we organized on 28.4.13.Our District Governor,Lion TAS Ramamurthy graced the project and presented the incentives to the 150 odd boys and girls.

President Lion R.Rajendran, PDG Lion G.V.Raman, L/L Saroja Raman and many club members participated.

The ever enthusiastic Headmistress and other teaching and non teaching staff were honoured on the occasion.Mr.R.Ranga Rao Correspondant of the school is offerring tremendous support for this project.

A Brief on the” District Governor, Lion T.A.S. Ramamurthy’s Visit” on 12.3.13

The prestigious and most eagerly awaited program of the year, the Annual Visit by the District Govenor was held on 12.3.13.

To commemorate this event, we orgainsed many camps for the benefit of the Community from 28.2.13, as per the details given below.

Governor graced by his presence on two occasions

One on 8.3.13, International Women’sDay,when we organized an Awareness camp on Cancer for the Girl Students and their mothers, at MGR Janaki College of Arts &Science,for Women, Chennai,600028,in association with PENN NALAM,,a N.G,O.who carry out these programs for many years.

Again on 9.3.13., he inaugurated a special screening camp for Type One diabetics at our Lion KRS Insulin Bank for Juvenile Diabtics

On 12.3.13., we started with special Board Meeting when the Governor interacted with Board members and gone through the Administrative and Project Activities of the Club.

Then in the formal club meeting he interacted with membersOn this occasion also the following projects were carried out.

1.Donating of 12 wall clocks to JCOC,Community wing of SankaraNethralaya.
2.Releasing “KNOW YOUR DIABETES”, a book on Awareness on Diabetes, authored by our member Lion Dr. A.Panneerselvam.
3.Donating two bags of Rice to the Governor’s Thrust project, SIRU THULI PERUVELLAM)
4.Adopting an Anganvadi, at Royapettah, Chennai,600014, again Governors Thrust Area.
5.Donating Rs.2,500/to PENN NALAM for giving screening for one indigent woman.

Governor addressed the members and appreciated the projects done throughout the year by the club.

Before this President Lion R.Rajendran welcomed the Governor, Vice Governors, Cabinet officials, members and the invitees.

The meeting came to an end with a formal vote of thanks.
As a token of recognition, he donated Rs. 25,000/to Lion KRS Insulin Bank.
Also he presented the 25 year membership Pin to Lion S.N.Harinarayanan.

"Awards instituted in Memory & Honor of Ln. Dr. C.V.Ananathasayanam, Ln.Dr. P.Sivaraj and Ln.E.S.Krishnan," awarded on 29.11.12.

Wipro Cares Chennai-, Wipro Technologies, Chennai, 600119, & Govt. Polytechnic College, Chennai 600012 were presented the award ,instituted in the honour and memory of , LION Dr. P. SIVARAJ, our past president and a pioneer in the propagation of blood donation since 1969.

Sri Viekananda Dignostic Centre, Chennai, 600106, a project of L/C Annanagar Charitable Trust, L/C Annanagar was presented the MJF Lion Dr. C.V.Ananathasayanam Memorial Award.

C.U.Shah Eye Bank, Sankara Nethralaya and Lion. Dr. M.Ravishankar were presented Lion E.S.Krishnan Memorial Award Mr. A.Mahalingam, Academic Officer, The Sankara Nethralaya Academy & Mr.V.Sivakumar, Manager, Patients Relations Department, Sankara Nethralaya will be receive "Helping Hands" Award.

Lion Dr. M.Ravishankar was felicitated for receiving 'Bharath Jyothi" Award in New Delhi, in March 2012.

These awards were presented by Dr. Stefan Weckbach, the Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany during the meeting held to celebrate U.N.Day and also presentation the Second annual Awards.

Lions World Sight Day-2012

Lions Club of Central Madras is observing "LIONS WORLD SIGHT DAY" on the second Thursday of October every year from 2002.

This year also,Lions Club of Central Madras observed the Lions World Sight Day from 8.10.12. to 11.10.12.

An Eye screening camp cataract, in association with L/C Metro East, Dist. 324A6 & Sankara Nethralaya, was held from 8.10.12 to 11.10.12. at New Venus Optical, Perambur, Chennai, 600011.

A total of 125 persons were screened and 55 of them referred for Cataract surgery and other allied problems to Sankara Nethralaya Chennai.

On 11.10.12., again in association with Medzon Hospitals & Sankara Nethralaya L/C Central Madras conducted an Eye Screening Camp for Diabetic Retinopathy, at Indranagar, Adyar, Chennai., from 9.00AM to 1.00PM.,

The Camp was a comprehensive one., with following counters.

1. Registration.
2.Auto Refractors.
3.Height & Weight.
4.Random Blood Sugar Value.
5.Counselling for Diabetes.
6. Comprehensive Refraction.
7.Slit Lamp Examination.
9.Fundus Examination.
10. Counselling on Diabetic Retinopathy and referrals to the Base Hospital.
11. Spectacles Dispensation.

46 Persons attended the camp..
We found 10 persons having Cataract. We referred them to our Base Hospital.
We prescribed Spectacles to 8 persons.
One person was referred to Lasik Department.
27 persons were advised to keep their Diabetes under Control and have their Eyes Examined atleast once a year by an Ophthalmologist.

A full compliment from Sankara Nethralaya consisting one Retina Consultant, Three Optometrists, Three Social Workers, One Para Medical Staff for Dilatation , One Driver and One Team Leader conducted the camp with the able support from Medzon G.S.Hospitals for taking Blood Pressure, Height & Weight,Random Blood Sugar Values , Counselling and entire house keeping staff for upkeep of the camp locations.

39th. Year Inter Collegiate Oratorical Competition held on 22.03.2010

Lions Club of Central Madras conducted the 39th. Year Inter Collegiate Oratorical Competition in two parts.

This year this prestigious event was conducted as a District Event, as our Committee Chairman, Past President Lion K.Rangarajan was the D.C. –Inter Collegiate Oratorical Competition also.

The ptreliminary competition was held on 5.3.10. at Meenakashi College for Women, Arcot Road, Chennai 600024.

19 students from 5 colleges participated in the competition.

Out of this six students were selected for the finals.

They are:
1.Ms. Lakshmi Sadagopan. Meenakashi College for Women.
2.Ms. Sujana Catherwe-T.N.Govt.Dental College, Chennai.
3.Ms. Jaseema Farvin-T.N.Govt. Dental College.
4 Mr..R. Jeevanathan-QuaideMillath College of Arts & Science, Medavakkam, Chennai, 600100.
5.Sabarrish Srinivasan.- Elite School of Optometry , Chennai.
6.Mr. B. Dhanasekar.- Government College of Arts & Science, Nandanam, Chennai, 600035.

The Finals was held on 22.3.10. at Meenakashi College for women. Chennai, 600024.

Lion. T.Bakthavathsalam, District Governor was the Chief Guest and Lion Dr. K.S. Lakshmi, Imm.Past District Governor was the Guest of Honor.

Lion R.Ravindran welcomed the audience.

Lion K.Rangarajan Committee Chairman &,D.C. , Inter Collegiate Oratorical Competition gave report of the Committee .He also briefed the rules and regulation of the competition.

The topics for the Finalswere:
1.Rural Health Care in India.
2.Present State of Indian Hockey.-Can we bring back our Glory?
3.Educational Reforms.
4.Our Needs –Our Wants.-the Effects on our Economy.
5.33% Reservationfor Womenin Parliament/Legislative Assemblies.-The effect on the functioning of these Institutions.
6.Road Safety for saving thousands of Lives.

We had three very eminent persons as Judges.

1.Ms. Hema Sampath. Senior Advocate, Madars High Court.
2.Dr. R.Krishnakumar-Principal, Elite School of Optometry, Chennai.
3.Lion. G.V.Raman-Past Dist. Governor.

After a livele speech by each contestants on their chosen topic, the Judges gave their verdict.

Mr. Sabarrish Srinivasan, of Elite Schiol of Optometry won the First Place.

KMr. Jeevanathan of Quaide Millath College of Arts & Science won the Second place.

Imm. Past District Governor Lion Dr. K.S.Lakshmi presented the Silver Rolling Trophy to the winning Institute, Elite School of Optomtry and Silver Medal and Certificate to Mr. Sabarrish Srivatsav.

PDG Lion. G.V.Raman presented the Silver Medal and the Certificate to Mr. Jeevanathan and Lion Dr. K.S.Lakshmi presented the Rolling Silver Trophy to the college won the Second Place.

Lion Vijayalakshmi Thavva, Secretary proposed the voyte of thanks.

42nd year Inter Collegiate Quiz Competition

Lions club of Central Madras conducted their 42nd year Inter Collegiate Quiz Competition on Saturday the 13th October 2012. This year the quiz was organised at the prestigious I.I.T Madras, Campus.

The state of the art Central Lecture Theatre was the venue.

There were 66teams from 15 colleges. That is 132 students participated
President Lion R.Rajendran welcomed the Students from various colleges, invitees, guests and fellow Lions.

Lion S.N.Harinarayanan introduced the Quiz Masters and also outlined the rules, regulations and Prizes.

The first round was prelims.

The Quiz competition was conducted by very good Quiz Masters of them, three from Sankara Nethralaya.

1. Dr. Rashmin Anil Gandhi.
2. Dr. Sridhar Baratan.
3. Dr. Sandeep Mark Thirumalai and
4. Mr. Akshay Rangamani from I.I.T. Madras, Chennai.

The quiz masters were quizzing with very tough and intelligent questions by a beautiful Multimedia presentation, for an hour or so.

The top six teams were selected. The elite teams are from,

1.I.I.T. Madras, Chennai.
2.Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore.
3. I.I.T.Madras, Chennai.
4. National Institute of Technology, Trichy.
5.I.I.T. Madras, Chennai.
6. Sri Venkateawara College of Engineering, Chennai.

Again the Quizzing touched its dizzy heights, with questions on many interesting subjects, events, sports etc. This went on for an hour and half.

The winners are :

AA.MJF Lion Dr. C.V.Ananthasayanam Trophy for the First Place. Won by I.I.T.Madras, Chennai.

Justice P.Venugopal Memorial Cash Prize of Rs.3,000/,Silver Medals & Certificate by Mr. Milind Rao & Mr. Swarun Krishna.

BB.MJF Lion G.Srinivasan Trophy for the Second Place. Won By. Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore.

JUSTICE P.Venugopal Memorial Cash Prize of Rs.2,000/,Silver Medals & Certificate by Mr.Omkar Kamalpur & Mr.Aditya Rajan.

CC. MJF Lion K.Jayaraman Trophy for the Third Place. Won By I.I.T.Madras ,Chennai.

Justice P.Venugopal Memorial Cash Prize of Rs. 1,000/ & Certificate Won by Mr.Jayadev Bhaskaran & T.P. Kurian.

Lion K.Jayaraman, Lion G.V.Raman, Prof.Mohanasundaram of I.I.T.Madras and Lion. R.Rajendran awarded the trophies, silver medals, Certificates and a book on "Personality Development by Swami Vivekananda to the winning teams.

The certificate of Participation and a book on "Personality Development by Swami Vivekananda were given to all participants.

Our best compliment and congratulations and appreciations to Quiz Team led by Dr. Rasmin Anil Gandhi for their excellent efforts to prepare such a capsule which was terrific, enjoyable and innovative. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

18 of our members attended the quiz competition.

Lion Gunasekaran and Lion Senguttuvan took care of the registration.

Our past president Lion Rangarajan managed the food court with great care and saw that every had their bite.

Lion Thirumurugan arranged to get the books from Ramakrishna Math, Mylapore.

Lion Muruganbabu prepared the certificates and given to each participant with much attention.

Our president, Secretary and Treasurer worked in tandem and saw everything went on smoothly, especially both President and Treasurer took Care of the quantity of Snacks always sufficient

Lion G.V.Raman, Lion K.Jayaraman, Lion S.Raghavan and his Lion Lady Revathi, Lion P.K.Chandrasekaran, our Z.C, Lion Nachimuthu,Lion Rajendrakumar, Lion Muruganandam and Lion Subramaniam all gave their helping hands to make the event a memorable one.

A history was made on 13.10.12. It maybe, because , this event was held in a Historical and Prestigious Institute.

We are thankful to Dr. Rashmin for suggesting this Institute and Mr. Akashy, who blocked this venue for us.

We express our sincere gratitude to our beloved PDG PMJF Lion L.K.S. Syed Ahmed for instituting the Trophies by creating an Endowment.

42nd.Inter Collegiate Oratorical Competition held on 29.9.12

The six participants from the prestigious institutions, Sri Ramachandra Medical University, College of Engineering, , Anna University , Guindy and K.C.G. College of Engineering, spoke very well on the subjects chosen by them by lot from the six topics given to them.Their speeches were evaluated by three eminent judges.

The details of Mr. Abdul Gafoor, to whom Lions Club of Central Madras donated an assistive device.

The winners are:
First Place MJF Lion G.V.Raman Trophy by Ms. Ramya,. Sri Ramachandra Medical University, Porur. She spoke on -How India should plan for future policy to be Energy Sufficient

Second Place MJF Lion K.Anantha Chari Trophy by Mr. P.K.Saravanan. College of Engineering, Anna University, Guindy. He spoke on F.D.I. in Retail-Boon or Bane.

Third Place Lion P.Vijaya Trophy by Divya Shree, Sri Ramachandra Medical University, Porur. She spoke on My roll to make India Corruption Free.

Our PDG Lion G.V.Raman addressed the gathering and told the students the requirement of today is not only qualifications alone , but better communication skills for making them Employable.Also he explained the communication is not what you tell or express but it must be understood by the other person to whom you are addressing.

To develop such skills Lions Club of Central Madras is conducting this type competitions among the college students right from the day the club was chartered, 1971.Our committee chairman Lion Prof. Sakthivel put in lot of efforts to make this event more memorable.Particularly the judges he brought for the prelims. Prof. Anthoni Samy of Loyola College& Prof Elangovan from Anna University who are very highly qualified and gave very advices to the students.In Prof. Malathy from Meenakashi Sundararajan College of Engineering , we had another valuable personality.

Our sincere thanks to Lion. Dr. K.S.Lakshmi, Lion K.S. Babai and Lion Prof. Raman for giving this Gem Lions club of Central Madras is always has a wealth of resources. So, our veteran Lion Nachimuthu was judge for the Prelims. and L/L Saroja Raman officiated as judge for the finals.Again on this point, all the topics were suggested by our members, Lion Captain Venkat Rajaram, Lion Krishnan, Lion D.Rajagopalan & PDG Lion G.V.Raman.I thank them from the bottom of my heart for suggesting the very interesting topics which are debated through out the country.On the whole,l it was a wonderful and memorable event.Hearty congratulations for our President Lion Rajendran for his sincerity and commitment.. This only made the event to go forward and end with a happy note.Three cheers to Lion Rajendran and Lion Prof. Sakthivel.Finally, friends, thanks for those who attended and an earnest request for those who could not make it, please attend our QUIZ COMPETITION Scheduled for Saturday the 13th October 2012.

Donation of Low Vision Assitive Device to Mr. Abdul Gafoor

Lions Club of Central Madras is very keen in helping the poor students to improve their studies with ease by donating many assitive devices from January, 2010. We have donated one such device on 26.9.12. to Mr. Abdul Gafoory.

The details of Mr. Abdul Gafoor, to whom Lions Club of Central Madras donated an assistive device.

Age: 23 years
MRD number: 2585032
Occupation: Primary and High school teacher in Kerala Govt. school
Diagnosis: Retinitis punctata albescens
Socio-economic status: From a backward family
His binocular near vision is N32, which can be improved to N6 only through a device named Niki (Portable CCTV) which costs Rs. 11000

Lion. S.N.Harinarayanan.

Diabetic Retiopathy Screening Camp on 1-09-2012

சென்னை, ஆக. 29: சென்னை அரும்பாக்கத்தில் சர்க்கரை நோயாளிகளுக்கு இலவச சர்க்கரை நோய்-கண் பரிசோதனை முகாம் சனிக்கிழமை (செப்டம்பர் 1)நடைபெறுகிறது. அரும்பாக்கம் ஜானகிராம் காலனி பிரதான சாலையில் உள்ள அருணா சர்க்கரை நோய் பரிசோதனைக்கூடத்தில் காலை 10 மணி முதல் பிற்பகல் 1 மணி வரை முகாம் நடைபெறும். அருணா சர்க்கரை நோய் பரிசோதனைக்கூட டாக்டர்களும் சங்கர நேத்ராலயா கண் மருத்துவமனை குழுவினரும் இணைந்து பரிசோதனைகளைச் செய்ய உள்ளனர். தொடர்புக்கு தொ.பே.: 24750027. செல்: 8754561917.

Lion. S.N.Harinarayanan.


The very important occasion of our club the 42nd charternite was celebrated with plenty of projects from 16.07.2012 to 15.08.2012.

The details are given separately.

The celebrations were started with an invocation song by Lion cub Lochana daughter of Lion K.Rangarajan.

Our Lion R.Rajendran President of the Club welcomed the gathering and touched upon the brief history of the club from 1971. He also read a message from Lion K.Ananthachari on the occasion of 42nd Charternite of our club.

Our charternite committee chairman Lion P.K.Chandrasekaran informs the gathering about the elaborate planning and execution the projects and proceeding of the day very meticulously.

He appealed to our lions to come forward to contribute generously to conduct the projects and asked them to feel it is our own projects and it is our responsibility to support project activities.

He further emphasized our members should come forward proudly and share the part to make this club fly high.

Lion R.Ravindran proposed to the charter member (i.e.) Lion K.Ananthachari and Lion G.V.Raman.

He always remembers year 1971 for tourism.
1. For the birth of Bankladesh a new nation in the horizon of the world.
2. For the birth of then known as Lions Club of Guindy East and subsequently re christened as Lions Club of Central Madras.

He wished the Charter Members healthy and peaceful life and requested them to guide the club in the coming year also.
Lion G.V.Raman, responded to the toast on behalf of lion K.Anantha Chari and on his own behalf and expressed his sincere gratitude to the club members for showering their love, regard and affection for the past 41 years.He felyt happy to see many youngsters joined the club and he was confident they will take this great club to greater heights of glory in the coming years.

The celebrations to mark the occasion a huge cake was cut by charter member Lion PDG G.V.Raman as the other charter members Lion K.Ananthachari could not participate due to his health condition.

The chief guest of the function Shri S.Balasubramanian, Chairman, City Union Bank Ld. Kumbakonam was introduced by Lion K.Rangarajan.

The chief guest himself being a Lion belonging to Lions Club of Kumbakonam, a pioneer club in propagating Eye Donations and collecting large number of Eyes continuously for many years.

He requested Lions to work for the cause of the eradicating the avoidable blindness and serve the society which needs the help from NGO’s like us.
While addressing, he quoted Lion GVR’S observation on the young members of this club, and said that India is going to youngest country in the whole world, with its average age of poulaion will be 29 years and hence Lions must attract more youths in to this Great Movement, Lionsism, to serve the needy and under preveleged.

For this he told a story that is a Lizard was get itself nailed in an old abundant house for more than five years. When the house owner came there to demolish the building he saw the lizard which is still alive even though it cannot move anywhere from his place. Astonshinglishly he ask the lizard how this was possible. Suddenly four more lizards came into the old house and told the house owner that they are going out and bring the food for the lizard which cannot move from his place. He concluded this is why and how we should serve the needy under privileged when they are in distress.

Region Chairman Lion Mahendra Kumar and Zone Chairman Lion P.K.Chandrasekaran offered their felicitations to the charter members and the club.

Lion Rajendra Kumar proposed formal vote of thanks.

Lion. S.N.Harinarayanan.

Projects of the day on 09.08.2012.

Donated Rs.15000 to Educational Assistance two deserving students.

Donated books by Sri Swami Vivekananda to Panchayat Union Middle School, Kilnalluthur and Gopalapuram Boys Higher Secondary School, Gopalarapuram 200 books each.

Donated Rs.30000 towards health services Rs.20000 to Lion Manivannan Health Centre, Kilnallathur and Rs.10000 to Mr.Venkat Rao for his medical expenses.

We are donated a 5 kg. Wet grinder to Iswari Prasad Dattreya Orthopedic centre, Chennai 28.

We donated a DVD player to Sankara Nethralaya Rameswaram branch for educating the patients on post operative care and donated Rs.10000 to Low Vision Clinic Sankara Nethralaya towards the cost of two numbers “Bonita” assistive devices to be given to Ms. Geethanjali Pawar, B.Com First Year student, Bathul, Madhya Pradesh.

All these projects were possible by the large donations and support given by our members and well wishers.

We thank them from the bottom of our heart.

Lion. S.N.Harinarayanan.


Projects for the 42nd Charternite Celebrations.

All these projects were possible by the large donations and support given by our members and well wishers.

We thank them from the bottom of our heart.

Lion. S.N.Harinarayanan.


The much awaited gala function of the District Cabinet installation was held on 22.07.2012 from 8.00 A.M. which began with a sumptuous breakfast.

The Chief Guest of the function Lion T.A.S.Ramamurthy, District Governor addressed the gathering and detailed his programmes and projects for the year.

The guest of honour Dr.G.Bakthavatchalam grave a thought provoking and humorous key note address emphasizing the need to serve to our less unfortunate brothers and sisters.

The cabinet was installed by the International Director Lion Sunil. He surprised the audience by recalling his entry into Lionism as a Leo way back by rendering the Leo pledge. He requested all the Lions to do their best to spread message of Lionism and serve the society through out their period.

From our club Lion P.K.Chandrasekaran was installed as a Zone Chair person and Lion Chella Sudhakar, Lion K.Rangarajan, Lion C.T.Natesan, Lion R.Ravindran and Lion Andal Rajaram were installed as District Chair persons.

The meeting was followed by a delicious lunch followed by a very good entertainment.

Lion. S.N.Harinarayanan.

Inauguration of Lions Club of Chennai M.P. Manivannan. Held on 16.07.2012 at Hotel Benz Park, Chennai 17.

The New Year started with one of the main goal of Lions Club International (i.e.) extension of new clubs and inducting new members. Our club in the right earnest began the New Year with this in mind.

We extended Lions Club of M.P.Manivannan (our charter member and president of our club in the year 1972-73).

The District Governor Lion T.A.S.Ramamurthy inaugurates the new club and wished them the very best and service filled years to come.

Past District Governor Lion Dr. K.S.Lakshmi inducted the new members and administered the new member oath.

Past District Governor Lion G.V.Raman installed the president of the new club and other office bearers.

Extension Chairpersons Lion S.N.Harinaryanan, Lion K.Rangajaran, guiding Lions Lion C.T.Natesan and Lion Babu offered the felicitation to the new club.

The installed presidents in his presidential address assured the gathering the club will undertake many service projects needed by the public.

Lion Karuppaiah the originator of the club proposed formal vote of thanks.

Lion. S.N.Harinarayanan.

Inauguration of R.O.Plant on 30.6.12.

The usual practice of the club is to start the year with a project and end the year with a project.This year also we had our R.O.Plant installed at Gopalapuram Brinda Primary School, Chennai , inaugurated by our Dist. Governor Lion. N. Rajasekar. in the presence of the major donor, Ranganath N.K. C.E.O & M.D., Grundfos India Pumps PVT. Ltd, PDG & R.O.Plant Advisor. Lion Govindasamy Thangaraj, PDG Lion G.V.Raman Cabinet Secretary & Treasurer, Dist. officials, Lions Mr. R.Ranga Rao, School Correspondent, School committee president, Secretary, & members, On this occasion a water bottle was donated to each student. Lion G.T., Mr. Ranganath, and Ward Councillor offered the felicitations.Mr.Ranga Rao, in his acceptance thanked the generosity of the lions in general and L/C Central Madras in particular for helping the school by providing many facilities to the school for the fast five years

Lion. S.N.Harinarayanan.

Installation of The New Team headed by Lion R. Rajendran. on 29.6.12

The finale of the year 2011-12 was celebrated on 29.6.12. with lots of emotion, fun and passing on the Gong & Gavel to the new President Lion R.Rajendran.

Before our mentor installed the Team, our President Lion Andal Rajaram gave an account of the projects filled, vibrating meetings, prestigious celebrations, such as U.N. Day, School medal award function,International Women's Day and the crowning event the Inauguration of the Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Camp and the presentation of Awards in memory and honour of our past presidents,Lion. Dr. P.Sivaraj, Lion Dr.C.V.Ananthasayanam and Lion E.S.Krishnan by His Excellency Dr. K.Rosaiah, the Governor of Tamilnadu. Not stopping with this narration, she also told the gathering , yet another big project which would be inaugurated by the Dist. Governor, Lion N.Rajasekar, the next day, the last day of the year 2011-12, that is on 30.6.12.She also profusely thanked all members for extending her the fullest cooperation and helping hands at all times.

Then our PDG Lion G.V.Raman installed the new Team in his usual and inimitable way by assigning each past president to install one of the office bearer and he finally installed president and then the entire team.

The installed president Lion R.Rajendran was very guarded in his acceptance speech and assured the club that he will keep up the tradition of the club during his tenure.

We wish the very best for Lion. R.Rajendran and his Team.

Best Doctor Award

Dear Lions, Greetings.

Our new year started with a very good news.

Our member Lion Dr. Ravi Babu Sivaraj received the 'BEST DOCTOR" Award from the T.N. Dr. M.G.R. Medical University for the excellent services rendered.

Let us all greet him on this occasion and wish him to receive many more awards in the years to come.

Lion. Dr.Ravi Babu can be reached at 9940396441 or 957869999.

Three Cheers to Lion Dr. Ravi Babu Sivaraj.

Lion. S.N.Harinarayanan.


Lions Club of Central Madras in association with Tata Elxsi Limited Chennai 600113 conducted a blood donation camp at IITM Research Park,Taramani, Chennai 600113.

with the help of the team from "The Landsteiner Lakshmi Memorial Research Foundation Blood Bank. Chennai 600084.

35 staff of Tata Elxsi donated their blood on this historic and memorable day.

We have also. done blood grouping for 47 staff members.

We not only thankful to those 35 persons who donated their blood , but also, we salute them, as they are" Heroes", as theme for this year is"Every blood donor is a Hero".

It is also a coincidence that the day is observed in memory of Kari Landsteiner,who developed the system of grouping blood and the our blood bank is named after him.

Lion. S.N.Harinarayanan.

Helen Keller Remembrance Day and Dr G.Sitalakshmi Gift of Sight award . on 01.06.2012.

It was time to stand up and salute the indomitable will of the lady who defied blindness and sound bytes and went on to become the very epitome of hope, courage, confidence and service to millions. It was also a day to recall the services and contribution of Dr G.Sitalakshmi one of the finest surgeons who had served Sankara Nethralaya and a warm human being whose memory still moistens the eyes of members of the Sankara Nethralaya family. The Lion’s club of Central Madras and Sankara Nethralaya came together to offer their collective salute to these great women by recognizing and rewarding those who had imbibed their spirit of service and compassion and rendered extraordinary service to mankind.

The function started at the Sri V.D Swami Auditorium on June 1, 2012 with a symbolic observation of silence for world peace, delivering the welcome address Lion Andal Rajaram , President of the club,showered praise on the winners of the various awards. Describing Sankara Nethralaya as a second home of the Lions from the Lions club of Central Madras, she praised the selfless service of Dr SS.Badrinath and the social commitment of doctors like
Dr Pramod Bhende, she closed her address with a special mention about the stupendous efforts of Lion Harinarayanan towards organizing the function.

Speaking on the occasion Lion Jayaraman and Lion G.V Raman explained the significance of the day, tracing the association of the Lion’s with eye care from the historic day that Helen Keller made a clarion call at their Ohio conference. The latter recounted that it was Lion Harinarayanan’s brain child to constitute the, Knight of the Blind, I(EYE),Awards, almost 13 years ago and Dr G.Sitalakshmi gift of sight award, in her honour of almost 5 years ago.

Deputy Director of Corneal Services Dr Rama Rajagopal gave an emotional account of her association with Late Dr G.Sitalakshmi, her amazing skills, knowledge, her passion for corneal transplants, warm personality and the wonderful moments spent together.

This was followed by awarding of the ‘Knight of the blind’ Award, I (EYE) CARE Awardand Dr G.Sitalakshmi award by the Chief Guest Mr. Mike Nithavarianakis and dignitaries from the Lions’ club and Sankara Nethralaya as follows

1. Dr Swapnali Sabhapandit was awarded the Dr G.Sitalakshmi Gift of Sight award for rendering extraordinary service by way of eye care in the remote regions of Assam through the Gauhati Lion’s Eye Hospital

2. Dr Mehul Shah and Dr Shreya Shah for providing cost free eye care to the tribals of Dahot District, Gujarat through their charitable hospital Drashti Netralayaand Dahod Tribal Community Eye Care Centre,awarded the Knight of the Blind Award

3. Shrimathi Surekha Mehta, FounderTrustee of SWAN was awarded the Knight of the Blind’ Award for her commitment to eradicate blindness and voluntary service to the blind and for nurturing a team of committed social workers under the umbrella of SWAN

Drashti Netralayaand Dahod Tribal Community Eye Care Centre was ,awarded "i (EYE) CARE AWARD for their services rendered to the thousands of poor and tribal persons with qualty , affordable and free, eye care.

4. The ‘New Indian Express’ was awarded the" I (EYE) Care Award" for its involvement in eye care and for immortalizing the names of eye donors every week in its paper. The award was received by Shri Vignesh Kumar, Vice-President, Marketing on behalf of the group Chairman, Shri Manoj Kumar Sonthalia. Shri Sudarshan, Editor was also felicitated on the occasion.

Delivering the Chief Guest’s address Mr. Mike Nithavarianakis, Deputy High Commissioner, British High Commission, Chennai, expressed his high praise for the healthcare institutions in South India for successfully delivering free health care in such a large scale, he observed that doctors from distant Gujarat and Assam being selected for felicitation at a function being held in Chennai is a sign of the unity and national integrity of the country. He emphasized that Primary Healthcare could be one area that India can learn and improve from Britain’s ‘National Health Service’ which trained nurses in Allied Healthcare.

The function also saw the gifting of solar powered lamp kits to Aid India an NGO engaged in providing educational service to the poor.

Separate cheques were handed over to Dr. Pramod Bhende by the Lions club of Central Madras to set up the dining room at the new JCOC and for bringing out ‘In-Sight’ the biography on Sankara Nethralaya

This was followed by the awarding of prizes to Sankara Nethralaya staff members from various departments by Lion Rajasekhar for their exemplary work. Dr. Pramod Bhende, Director, Medical Assets, Deputy Director & Senior Consultant, Sri Bhagwan Mahaveer Department of Vitro Retinal Surgery felicitated the winners of the various awards emphasizing that blindness prevention is not just an ophthalmic responsibility but a challenge to the entire mankind.

Delivering the Vote of thanks Lion Harinarayanan expressed his whole hearted thanks to the Chief guest, recipients of the awards for travelling long distances to be present at the function, Sankara Nethralaya staff for organizing the show in a grand manner and Dr SS.Badrinath for coming out with the novel idea of providing Solar Powered lamps to students.

“U.K. can offer help in primary healthcare system''
The Hindu, June 2, 2012

Lion. S.N.Harinarayanan.
Chairman-Projects & Sight First.

Lions club of Central Madras celebrated International Women's Day on 10.3.12

Lions Club of Central Madras celebrated International Women's Day on 10.3.12. at 3, Santhankrishna Street, Chrompet, Chennai, 600044 at11.30. am. Lion G.. Andal Rajaram, President Lions Club of Central Madras, District 324A1, welcomed the gathering and also high lighted the speciality about Dr. (Miss) T.R. Kanaka., emphasising the First Neurosurgeon in Asia. Lion N. Rajaseksr ,District Governor, presented the " FRIEND OF HUMANITY" Award to Dr. (Miss) T.R. Kanka and spoke about the done by the doctor for the geriatric persons in the area and also complimented the doctor for donating Blood 110 times, voluntarily. Dr. S. Syamala, Neurosurgeon, M.M.C. student of Dr. (Miss) T.R. Kanka shared her experience as student , the firmness with which doctor enforce the clinical practises and surgical procedures. Lion T.S. Gokilan Past District Governor, Dist. 324A6, and Lion. C.R. Raghunath Cab. Secy. offered felicitations to Doctor. Dr. (Miss) T.R. Kanaka responded by insisting the regular check ups by all people who crossed 60 regularly, try to avoid taking too much medicines and try for natural alternative methods like yoga etc. Lion S. Rajendran , Secretary of the club propose vote of thanks. LionS.N. Harinarayanan Chairman Projects coordinated the entire program and thanked The Hindu for motivating the club by publishing an article on Dr. (Miss) T.R. Kanaka on 5.3.12., by Ms. Sujatha.

Neurosurgeon honoured
The Hindu April 1, 2012

People with low vision can be Independent!

The Lion’s Club of Central Madras have exhibited their concern for the visually impaired not only through their generous donations but also with some very thoughtful devices and gestures, readers would recall the gifting of the CCTV a wonderful assistive apparatus to the Low Vision Care Clinic, Sankara Nethralaya by Ms Viji Dileep a member of the club in the month of August in year 2011.Once again the members of Sankara Nethralaya family and the Lion’s Club of Central Madras assembled at the board room of Kamal Nayan Bajaj Research Centre on the auspicious evening of 9th March 2012 for a noble reason. The meeting was arranged for gifting three latest beneficial assistive devices to the Low Vision Care Clinic, Sankara Nethralaya, jointly by the Lion’s club of Central Madras and Ms. Viji Dilip daughter of Shri VD Gopal, who is a donor of Sankara Nethralaya for many years.

Lion. Andal Rajaram gave the welcome address. Lion. Hari Narayanan explained the need for Low vision care. Ms. Sarika Gopalakrishnan, Optometrist incharge of Low Vision Care Clinic gave a brief note about the functionalities and benefit of each assistive device to a person with visual impairment. The details of the devices are as follows:

1. Computer Screen magnifier for 19 Inch Screen:

High quality fresnel lenses that increase the character size. Lightly tinted to enhance contrast. Easy to install by hanging the magnifier from the top of the monitor and supporting it on its adjustable legs.

2. RNIB PenFriend Voice Labeling System:

A new voice labeling system by RNIB that allows users to easily record, and re-record, information onto self-adhesive labels. This small pen shaped recorder provides easy recognition sound and just four buttons in a simple identifiable pattern. Instantly play back the recordings - computer is not required. The PenFriend can be used to label food items, including freezer food and even add cooking instructions, film and music collections, organize household paperwork, record shopping lists or leave audio messages. Clothing that is dry cleaned can even be labeled. The PenFriend can also be used as a portable notetaker. You can record your message and keep track of it by placing the allocated label in a small notebook or in your diary. This device is great for students as well as home use.

3. Pocket Size Talking Calculator:

An 8 digit talking calculator that measures 5 X 3.5 X .75 inches and weighs just 4 ounces. Incorporating a three-way volume control with 'off', 'low' and 'high', it will do all standard functions, including percentages. It also features a non-speaking clock which has a large 0.50 inch LCD display.

Dr. L. Srinivasa Varadharajan demonstrated the use of BPL Studylite and how it would help patients with low vision to discharge their work better. These lamps will be designed to work with the help of a solar panel which will be more beneficial to all the students when there is shortage of electricity. Chairman Emeritus Dr S.S. Badrinath thanked the members of Lion’s Club of Central Madras and Ms. Viji Dilip for their noble gesture, which would greatly improve the quality of life of people with visual impairment.

Diabetic retinopathy screening camp at Raj Bhavan

The Lion’s club of Central Madras organized a diabetic retinopathy screening camp and award presentation ceremony at the Durbar Hall, Raj Bhavan on the 29th of February, 2012. The function held under the auspices of the Governor of Tamil Nadu who inaugurated the camp and presented the prizes was attended by Lion G.V Raman, Lion Andal Rajaram, Lion Harinarayanan who was instrumental in organizing the function and also played the role of the co-coordinator and compeer of the day’s function and other senior members of the Lion’s club of Central Madras and Dr.SS.Badrinath, Chairman Emeritus, Dr.S.Bhaskaran, Chairman and Dr.K.S.Vasan, Managing Director, Sankara Nethralaya.

The camp drew good response and staff members of Raj Bhavan and their family members turned up in good numbers to avail the screening facility. His Excellency Shri K.Rosaiah, Governor of Tamil Nadu thanked the Lion’s club and Sankara Nethralaya for their role in the battle against blindness and creating awareness on the critical need for blood donation. Speakers recalled the yeoman service of the Lion’s club of Central Madras and its dedicated members towards fighting blindness and creating awareness on blood donation and their long association with Sankara Nethralaya. Awards instituted in the names of illustrious past members of the club were presented to individuals and institutions for their significant contribution to these two critical areas of healthcare. The Lion’s Club honoured Dr SS.Badrinath, Chairman Emeritus, Sankara Nethralaya with a special ‘Service to the people’ award. Dr.S.Bhaskaran felicitated the winners of the awards and thanked the Lion’s Cub of Central Madras for its long and unstinting support of Sankara Nethralaya’s initiatives. The function concluded with a vote of thanks by Lion S.Rajendran and rendering of the National Anthem.

Diabetic Retinopathy: 3% blindness in India
Express Buzz

Dinamani 02 Mar 2012

Address by His Excellency, Governor of Tamil Nadu

Felicitation by Dr. S.Bhaskaran, Chairman, Sankara Nethralaya

About the Awards & Recipients

41st. Trophies & Silver Medals Award Function-13.1.12

The Unique and Mega Educational Project of the year, the 41 st. School Trophy & Medal Award Function was held on 13.1.12., at Meenakshi College for Women, Chennai 600 024 from 3.30 P.M.

151 schools in Chennai including 103 schools from Chennai Corporation and two government schools sent one outstanding student of 10th Standard from their schools.

Five city schools and two Chennai (Corporation) schools which got first rank students and also 4 Chennai (Corporation) High Schools which secured 100% pass in SSLC and one Chennai (Corporation) Higher Secy. School which secured 97.7% in 12th Std. in Public examinations held in March/April 2011, were also present with their students and principals.

Lion President Andal Rajaram, welcomed the gathering with her opening remarks on the project and how this will motivate the students and schools to perform better on future occasions and how it will be helpful to the building up of a strong nation.

She also complimented the teachers, parents and the students for their efforts in getting the best student award.

Lion S.Rajendran,. , the Education Committee Chairman presented his report , detailing the all round help and cooperation from the committee members in organising this Mega Event and also the generous contribution by the members.

Lion S. Thirumurugan,introduced the Chief Guest , Thiru. R. Nataraj, IPS(Retd.) Former, D.G.P., Prisons& Rescue Services, in his usual style with very interesting facts about the Chief Guest.

The Chief Guest reminded the students, that a day before, i.e. 12.1.12. was the birth day of Swami Vivekanda who toured all over India after" His Holiness" Sri Sri Sri Adi Sankara, to Awake the youngsters to know the glory of our Mother Land and guide them in the right path.

He told the students to remember that Clarion Call and put their heart and soul and mind in the studies to the prosperity of their families and the Nation.

He advised them to be like the sugar candy, when put in to a bucket of water , dissolves in the water, sacrificing itself and converts entire bucket of water in to a sweet water which many can drink. He also adviced them not to be like a stone, or cotton or mud which are either in the same state or make the water murky.

The guest of Honour Lion R.Sampth,Multiple Council Chairperson, spoke eloquently about the service projects carried out by the lions as a whole. But, he felt many people are unaware of the usefull and meaningfull projects done by the Lions.As a matter of curiasity, he asked the students and the Audience whether they know who are doing this project today. The Audience replied affirmatively that this project is by Lions Club of Central Madras.He thanked them for this.

The other Guest of Honour, Lion. N.Rajasekar, Dist. Governor, 324A1, complimented the club for having this project on the Birth Day of the Founder of Lions Movement, Melvin Jones. He further elobarated the Major thrust area of this year, Care for Cancer, Go Green, Education for All, R.O. Plants for providing pure driniking water facility in the Corporation Schools,etc. He further appealed to the corporation school teachers present, to take this message and get back to him , if any school needed this facility.Governor also complimented the club for doing this project continiously for the 41years.

PDG Lion Dr. K.S. Lakshmi, feciitated the club and all receipiants of the Trophies and Silver Medals for their outstanding performance and blessed them to continue the same efforts in their future endevours also.

The club is planning to have another such meeting for awarding balance Mefals to the students who could not come that day.. The following Trophies were awarded to the various students and schools.

The Chief Guest, Guests of Honour, PDG Lion Dr. K.S. Lakshmi awarded the follwing Trophies to the Schools and first rank students.

1. Thavva Saraswathi Trophy – First Rank in Higher Secondary Examination. Master P.Premkumar – Chennai (Corporation) Higher Secondary School, Maduvankarai,, Chennai.

2. Rock Pearl Group of Companies Trophy – First Rank In S S L C Examination.Selvi. A. Radhika – Chennai (Corporation) Girls H.S.S Pulla Avenue,. Chennai.

3. Hon’ble Justice P. Venugopal Trophy – First Rank in Matriculation Examination.

1. Selvi. S. Nivedha., DAVl Mat.H.S.S. Chennai 600094

2. Selvi. Ishhwarya, SBOA Mat. Higher Secondary School, Chennai, 600040.

3. Selvi. Saranya. SBOA Mat. Higher Secondary School, Chennai, 600040.

4. Mrs.Ammini Ramanathan Trophy – First Rank in H.S.Examination To Selvi V.R. Jayapradha – Vidyodaya. Matriculation H.S.School, Chennai 600 017.

5. Dr. K.Seetha Trophy – First Rank in SSLC Examination. Selvi. R. Sushmithar – Bentinck Girls' H.S. School, Chennai 600 007.

6. Lion K.R. Sundararajan Commendation Trophy,.for securing 100% pass in the SSLC Examination held in 2011.

1. Chennai (Corporation) High School, V.P Koil Street, Chennai.

2. Chennai High School, K.P. Street, Chennai.

3. Chennai High School, @Harinarayanapuram, Chennai.

4. Chennai High School, Vannia Teynampet, Chennai, 600018.

7. Lion C.R. Dhanapal Commendation Trophy for securing 97.7% pass in the H.S.Examinations held in 2011 To Chennai (Corporation) Girls' H.S.S., Market Street Chennai, 600011.

8. A total 127 nos. of Silver Medals were awared by the Past Presidents, Members AND Lion Ladies to the best out going students of the schools.

Earlier the students , teachers and parents were given a sumtuous Snacks.
Lion Rajendran, Secretary proposed the vote of thanks.
Lion. S.N. Harinarayanan.

41st, Inter Collegiate Oratorical Competition

Lions Club of Central Madras conducted their 41st. Inter Collegiate Oratorical Competition Finals and also Felicitated Dr. S.Bhaskaran, Chairman, Sankara Nethralaya for receiving the "LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT "Award and Dr. T.S. Surendran, Vice Chairman, Sankara Nethralaya for receiving the "BEST DOCTOR" Award , from the T.N. M.G.R. Medical University, on 19.12.11. at Sri. V.D. Swami Auditorium, Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai.

Lion. G.V. Raman Past District Governor, presided over the meeting and Presented the Citation "Congratulations" to both Doctors , and recalled the Club's Association with them and with the Institution and described them as the" Partners in Conquering Blindness" of the Lions Clubs International in general and of the Lions Club of Central Madras in particular.

On this occasion, Lions Club of Central Madras donated Rs. 50,000/ to VISION RESEARCH FOUNDATION'S CORPUS FUND.

Past District Governor, Lion Dr. K.S. Lakshmi offered felicitation to the Doctors recalling her long association with the Sankara Nethralaya and also the good work done by these two very eminent and service minded Doctors.

Dr. S. Bhaskaran and Dr. T.S. Surendran responded to the gesture of the club and recalled the association with the club for more than 15 years and continuous help to the Sankara Nethralaya.

The Oratorical Competition were contested by six dynamic students from six different colleges and gave a thought provoking speech on the current affairs.

Mr. Vivian Gonsalves of Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering won the MJF Lion G.V. Raman Trophy for the First Place,
Mr. Santhanaraman of Velammal Engineering College won the MJF Lion K. Anantha chari Trophy for Second place and
Ms. Yasmin of Quaid 'E' Millet College for Women won the Lion P.Vijaya Certificate for the Third place.

Dr. Sekar, Dean College of Engineering Guindy and Lion. Anand Bhushan, Director, Legal, Cognizant Technologies were the Judges for the Final Competition.

Earlier Lion Andal Rajaram welcomed the gathering and gave a brief account on the Club's Service activities for the year and also for the past 40 years.

Lion S.N. Harinarayanan, Project Chairman Proposed vote of thanks.

World Diabetes Day 14.11.11

Lions Club of Central Madras, Sankara Nethralaya and G.S. Hospital observed World Diabetes Day on 14.11.11., by conducting a screening camp for Diabetes Detection, and Diabetic Retinopathy. The camp was inaugurated by PMJF Lion N. Rajasekar, Dist. Governor and graced by Cabinet Secretary Lion C.R. Raghunath, PDG Lion G.V. Raman, Zone Chairman Lion CT. Natesan and large lion memersof the club. 77 persons attended the camp. we found two new cases of Dibetes. one person with Mild retinopathy. All of the attendees were given counsellng on the yearly eye examination , monitoring the Blood Glucose levels, and also awareness materials for Diabetes and Diabetic Retinopathy were given to all.


Lion P. Vijaya, our Treasurer passed away on 16.11. 11. at true lion, very new to the movement, just a little less than two years in the club,but moved with love and affection with all,took her responsibility as the Treasurer with great enthusiasm and enjoyed the assignment.She was a kind, gentle, soft speaking, friendly,ever willing to help Lion.She is well known in her neighbourhood for her service activities towards the down trodden and well respected.

Lions club of Central Madras became poorer by her departure.We will always be Remembering her , Though She will not be with us.We pray God to give Peace to the Departed soul.


"LIONS WORLD SIGHT DAY." 8.10.11. to 12.10.11

Lions all over the World observed LIONS WORLD SIGHT Day on 9.10.11. & 10.10.11.

Lions Club of Central Madras,(,LC CM) District 324A 1, is no exception.

LC CM, conducted projects in association with and with teams from Sankara Nethralaya, for five days from 8.10.11.

On 8th. October, a Diabetic Retinopathy Screening camp was conducted at G.S. Hospital, Indra Nagar, Adyar, Chennai.

About 40 Diabetics were screened.we found six persons require Cataract Surgery and one require Cornea Examinations.Surprisingly, three students studying in the 11 th grade came for their Eye examination.They have been advised spectacles and the same will be given to them in a week's time

On 9th, October, we conducted a screening camp for Cataract.
12 persons were screened, 8 were referred to Base Hospital, Sankara Nethralaya for further examination and surgery.

on 10th, 11th & 12th. October, in association with L/C Annai, District 324 A8, we conducted. Eye screening for the students of St. Micheal's Polytechnic College, Avadi, Chennai, 600062

A full fledged team from the Tele Opthalmology Department of Sankara Nethralaya, was in action on all three days..

354 students comprising,278 boys & 56 girls were screened.

we found 75 students require spectacles.

The same will be given to them in two weeks time.

Spectacles are manufacture at Sankara Nethralaya Optical Services.

While doing this, we also screened the Gardeners, Cooks, Helpers of the College.

we found 5 persons require Cataract, 3 persons require Fundus Evaluation and one person with Glaucoma.

All these persons were referred to Sankara Nethralaya, Base Hospital for further Management.

On 10th. October itself, we arranged an AWARENESS TALK & PRESENTATION ON "EYE CARE in general and on GLAUCOMA, IN PARTICULAR.

300 students, teachers and staff attended the Awareness Talk on the " LIONS WORLD SIGHT DAY"

Ms. Rashima, M.Phil.. from Sankara Nethralaya gave a thought provoking presentations with illustrations.


This is our small initiative in the Lions Conquering Blindness.

LION. S.N. Harinarayanan.
Chairman - Projects & Sight

Lions Club Of Central Madras – 41st Inter Collegiate Quiz Competition 12 Oct, 2011. AT SRI. V.D. SWAMI AUDITORIUM,

Really it was record breaking participation after a long time.

There were 84 registrations from 23 colleges.

But 78 students from 20 colleges participated in the competition.

Also we received 28 feed back from the students.

All of them appreciated the venue, hospitality and the Quiz Master & his Team.

Many have rightly said that we need to give more advertisement about the event.

Some said we need to have a Theme. of course we tried this a couple of years back.

Naturally some wanted to increase the Cash Awards.

Many accepted that they improved their Knowledge and some even said they lack General Knowledge.

There was unanimous admiration for the venue, and for Dr. Rashmin Gandhi, the best in their feed back.

The prize winners were:

I Place:

Lion. Dr. C.V. Anathasayanam Trophy: Sri. Venkateswara College of Engineering.
Mr. R. Aravind. & K. Ashwin. Silver Medal, Cash Award RS. 2,500/ Each & Certificate.

II Place:

MJFLion. G. SrinivasanTrophy.St. Josephs College of Engineering.
Mr.N. Srivathsan..& T. Sathayanarayanan. Silver Medal, Cash Award Rs, 1,500/ each & a certificate.

III Place:

M.J.F. Lion. K.Jayaraman Certificate:Meenakshi Sundararajan Engg. College.
Mr. G. Vinod & Mr.G. Srinivasan. Cash Award Rs, 1,000/ each & . Certificate.

On the whole the event was satisfying to every one.

Our sincere thanks to Sankara Nethralaya Family for the whole hearted support and help given to us to conduct this program.

Lion. S.N. Harinarayanan

Lion. Dr. T. Elangovan.
Chairman-Quiz Committee.

A New hope for patients with low vision

The air of conviviality and informal atmosphere at the boardroom of the Kamal Nayan Bajaj Research Centre on the evening of August 24th, 2011 looked more like a friendly get together or the reunion of members of a family after many years, little wonder as it was members of the Lions Club of Central Madras and the Sankara Nethralaya family assembled for a worthy cause.

The occasion was the gifting of the “Pocket CCTV” a State of the Art assistive device to the Low Vision Clinic, Sankara Nethralaya, jointly by the Lion’s club of Central Madras and Ms Viji Dileep daughter of renowned advocate Shri VD Gopal known for his philanthropy to any effort directed towards providing eye care to the needy. G.Sarika, Optometrist and Head of the Low Vision Care Clinic gave a brief and interesting account of the multiple roles that the clinic plays to patients with different needs. Ms Viji Dileep gave a live demo of the device and how as a smart view video magnifier it helped patients with low vision view images 7 times larger than their actual size.

Lion Harinarayanan recalled his feedback to Lion GV Raman back in 2005 on the need for assistive devices at Sankara Nethralaya based on his interactions with Dr Rajasekhar.Chairman Emeritus Dr SS Badrinath recounted that the Low Vision Clinic has been using various devices and improvisations since 1980 which helped patients with low vision in varying degrees and that the Pocket CCTV is perhaps the most advanced of them.

The function ended with profound thanks from the Chairman Emeritus and Dr KS Vasan, Director Administration, Sankara Nethralaya to Ms Viji Dileep and the Lion’s Club of Central Madras for their thoughtful gesture which would go a long way in enhancing the life of people with low vision problems.

Helen Keller Remembrance Day 2011

The Lion’s club of Central Madras District.324 A1 paid rich tributes to the indomitable courage, iron will and deep compassion of Helen Keller, the lady who defied darkness and sound bytes to rise to glorious heights on Helen Keller Remembrance Day held on July 25th at the Sri VD Swami auditorium, Sankara Nethralaya.

Helen Keller Remembrance day is observed annually for the past 11 years from 1999 to 2010 as a celebration of the spirit of service and outstanding work done by the medical fraternity, medical institutions and support staff in the field of ophthalmology, especially among the poor and underprivileged of society.

The Dr Sitalakshmi Gift of Sight award instituted in 2008 in memory of one of the greatest corneal specialist of our times, known as much for the warmth and care that she exuded as much for her knowledge and amazing skills at the operation theatre is also awarded on this day to outstanding corneal specialists with a strong social commitment

It was a day of recognition and felicitation not only for the Doctors and Paramedics but also to the collective effort of the behind the screen movers like the transport employees, house keeping and front office staff who are a part of the chain link that contributes to a great patient experience.

Lion Aruna Oswal, Past District Governor District 323 A3 & LCIF coordinator who is well known as a social activist and philanthropist was the chief guest for the function in which other dignitaries Lion Dr SS Badrinath, Chairman Emeritus, Lion Dr T.S Surendran, other members of the Sankara Nethralaya family and distinguished members of the Lions Club of Central Madras participated and felicitated the award winners.

The Proud recipient’s of this year’s awards are

1. Dr G. Sithalakshmi gift of sight award presented to
    Dr T.K Ramesh, Professor of Ophthalmology, Government Eye Hospital, Bangalore

2. I (Eye) care Awards were presented to
    M Ram Reddy, Lions Eye Hospital, Mahbub Nagar, AP
    KG Eye Hospital, Coimbatore
    Low Vision Clinic, Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai

3. Knight of the Blind Awards were presented to
    Dr Vinod Kumar of Ram Reddy Hospital, Mahbub Nagar, AP
    Dr K.Sivabalan of KG Eye Hospital, Coimbatore
    Ms Sarika, Optometrist, Low Vision Clinic, Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai
    Lion Kawsalya Appukutty, Trustee, SWAN, Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai

Lion S.Thirumurugan, President of the Lions Club of Central Madras welcomed the gathering and highlighted the ‘Sight First’ endavours of the club

Lion Dr SS Badrinath, Chairman Emeritus, Sankara Nethralaya gave away the Knight of the Blind Award

Lion Dr T.S Surendran and Lion Dr Lakshmi offered the felicitations

Lion G.V Raman, Past District Governor explained the significance of Helen Keller’s Day

Lion S.N Harinarayanan, Chairman, Sight First proposed the Vote of Thanks

Healthcare institutes, doctors honoured
The New Indian Express


The Ground We Stood on Was Shaken

The Ground We Stood on Was Shaken

A Legend, True Lion, Best District Cabinet Secretary, Good Friend, The Best Human being, Generous Hearted, Ever willing donor, a true upright leader with courage and conviction, a brilliant engineer, successful entrepreneur, loving husband, devoted father, doting grand father, towering personality with impeccable integrity, always helpful to others, supportive of all good causes, projects, very good friend of Sankara Nethralaya, Donated for many projects of Hospital run by Lions Club of Velachery, Swami Vivekananda Diagnostic Centre run by Lions Club, Anna Nagar and several others. We cannot also forget his donations to Lions Cornea Block at Government Ophthalmic Hospital, Lions Blood Bank, Diabetic Foot Care Clinic at Hindu Mission Hospital, Tambaram, the first Ambulance to Nagamani Hospital way back in 1987, Lion Manivannan Health Centre at Kilnallathur and for all Club Projects. And to crown it all his last gift, his eyes to Sankara Nethralaya, so that two visually impaired persons can see this world.

That was our charter member MJF Lion Dr.C.V. Ananthasayanam, 40 years of bond with the club got disconnected by his sudden departure to be with God Almighty, May be God himself wanted to experience the love and affection of Lion Dr.C.V. Ananthasayanam.

When he left us on 11.02.2011, peacefully, “The ground we stood on was shaken terribly”. We the members of the Lions Club of Central Madras pray God to give peace to the departed soul and give strength to us to bear this great loss. On this occasion we share the loss and grief the family is experiencing and assure them our moral support always.

We pledge our commitment to the club for keeping “his Vision always as our Mission”. Looking up on his guidance and support from heaven in whatever we do in the coming years.


Date: 24.02.2011

40th Year Inter Collegiate Quiz Competition.

40th Year Inter Collegiate Quiz Competition

Lions Club of Central Madras in association with Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai conducted the 40th year Inter Collegiate Quiz Competition on 24.02.2011 at V.D.Swami Auditorium, Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai 600 006.

Lion S.Thirumurugan, President of the club welcoming the gathering.

30 students from 15 colleges participated. Dr. Rashmin Gandhi along with team mates Dr. Sridhar, Dr. Marg, Dr. Akshay, and Dr.Deb conducted the quiz. After preliminary rounds six teams were selected to the final rounds. After series of audio and visual rounds the winners and runners were selected.

The winners are from Elite School of Optometry (Unit of Sankara Nethralaya, St.Thomas Mount, Chennai 600 016).

The winners were given Lion Dr.C.V.Ananthasayanam Trophy, a Silver medal, certificate, a book on Bharathiyar and cash prize of Rs.1,500/- each.

The runners are from Madras University, Guindy Campus, Chennai 600 032.

The runners were awarded Lion Melvin Jones Fellow Trophy, a Silver medal, certificate, a book on Bharathiyar and cash prize of Rs.1,000/- each.

Third place was secured by students from Meenakshi Sundararajan Engineering College, Chennai 600 024.

The third placed team was awarded a cash prize of Rs.500/- each.

Dr. S.S.Badrinath, Chairman, Emiratus, Sankara Nethralaya, participated in the function and offered his good wishes to the students. On this occasion Lions Club of Central Madras honoured Lion Dr. Badrinath for his greeting D.Sc. (honoris causa) from University of Missouri, U.S.A. , A.I.M.A. – & Performance Excellence award.

Lions Club of Central Madras donated a sum of Rs.30,000/- for purchasing assistive devises to the Low Vision Clinic of Sankara Nethralaya.

Lucas TVS Ltd. Chennai donated a sum of Rs.1,00,000 for the purchase of Onyx, another assistive devise for the Low Vision Clinic of Sankara Nethralaya. Dr. Sreeram, Medical Officer, Lucas TVS Ltd. presented the cheque to Dr. S.S.Badrinath.

Lion R.Viswanathan, Quiz committee chairman proposed vote of thanks.

Lion S.N.Harinarayanan, Chairman, Project co ordinated the entire programme.

Date: 19.02.2011

School Trophies & Medals Award Function

School Trophies & Medals Award Function

The Unique and Mega Educational Project of the year, the 40th School Trophy & Medal Award Function was held on 19.02.2011 at Meenakshi College for Women, Chennai 600 024 from 3.30 P.M.

85 schools in Chennai including 47 schools from Chennai Corporation and four government schools sent one outstanding student of 10th Standard from their schools.

Three city schools and four Chennai (Corporation) schools which got first rank students and also 3 Chennai (Corporation) High Schools which secured 100% pass in SSLC and one Chennai (Corporation) Higher Secy. School which secured 98.5% in 12th Std. in Public examinations held in March/April 2010, were also present with their students and principals.

Lion President Thirumurugan , welcomed the gathering with his opening remarks on the project and how this will motivate the students and schools to perform better on future occasions and how it will be helpful to the building up of a strong nation, as per the dream of former President Dr. Abdul Kalam.

He also made special mention of the excellent iniatives and progressive work, in the fields of education, making Chennai green with many parks, health care etc., carried out by the Corporation of Chennai, under the dynamic leadership of the Worshipful Mayor, Thiru. MA. Subramanian.

He also complimented the teachers, parents and the students for their efforts in getting the best student award.

Lion Naveen Jain , the Education Committee Chairman presented his report recalling the genesis of the project right from the year 1971 and how the Lion Ladies of those times thought of this wonderful project to be implemented by them and it is not therefore surprising it is continuing year after year.

Lion Padmalatha introduced the Chief Guest the Worshipful Mayor in her own unique and interesting way, in Tamil.

Our PDG Lion G.V.Raman, exhorted the need for the education and economic empowerment of women and how it will improve the growth of our economy. He urged the girls to be bold and issue aggressive action against injustices done to them. He also expressed satisfaction about five out of the seven toppers being girls.

PDG Lion LKS Syed Ahmed , felicitated the club for their excellent work in the field of education and motivating the students to achieve bigger goals in future.

In his presenial address, the Mayor narrated the various welfare measures undertaken by Chennai Corporation in all fields, and highlighted the measures in the field of education.

He motivate about the awarding educational assistance to the top rankers to pursue their higher education in medical, engineering, nursing and other courses, the award of laptops to higher secondary rank holders and how it will be extended to the top rankers in SSLC examinations, also to one in each zone.

He added that to motivate the teachers Chennai Corporation is giving cash awards to the schools which secure 100% pass in the public examinations.

But he appreciated the awards and recognition given by the lions clubs which he felt are much more valuable than those implemented by the Chennai Corporation.

He felicitated all students and teachers who were present to receive the awards.

Worshipful Mayor MA. Subramanian handed over the following trophies.

1. Thavva Saraswathi Trophy – First Rank in Higher Secondary Examination.
    Master V.Pandiarajan. – Chennai (Corporation) Higher Secondary School, Virugambakkam, Chennai 600092.

2. Rock Pearl Group of Companies Trophy – First Rank In S S L C Examination.
    Selvi S. Ashpunissa – Chennai (Corporation) Girls H.S.S. Chennai 600015.
    Selvi K.Krithika – Chennai (Corporation) Girls H.S. S. Chennai 600030.
    Selvi K.Sangeetha – Chennai (Corporation) Girls H.S.S. Chennai 600034.

3. Hon’ble Justice P. Venugopal Trophy – First Rank in Matriculation Examination.
    Selvi Miha Rabbani, Asan Memorial Mat.H.S.S. Chennai 600006.

4. Dr. K.Seetha Trophy – First Rank in SSLC Examination.
    Master. K.Praveen Vijayakumar – Karnataka Sangh Higher Secondary School, Chennai 600 017.

5. Lion K.R. Sundararajan Commendation Trophy.
    To Chennai (Corporation) High School, Chennai 600018 for securing 100% pass in the SSLC Examination held in 2010.

6. Lion C.R. Dhanapal Commendation Trophy
    To Chennai (Corporation) H.S.S. Chennai, 600092 for securing 98.5% pass in the higher secondary examinations held in 2010.

7. Past District Governor Lion Dr.K.S.Lakshmi offered her felicitations and recalled the activity for many years right from the days of Lion     K.R.Sundararajan.

8. She awarded Mrs.Ammini Ramanathan Trophy – First Rank in Higher Secondary Examination to Selvi Anu Asaithambi – D.A.V. Matriculation Higher     Secondary School, Chennai 600 086.

9. Lion K.R.Sundararajan (KRS) commendation Trophy
    To the Chennai (Corporation) High School, Chindatripet, Chennai 600002, for securing 100% pass in S S L C Examination in 2010.

Mr.R.Govindarrajan, Joint General Secretary, Exnora International offered his felicitations to the award winners and also complimented the Lions Club of Central Madras for conducting this programmes continuously for 40 years. He also awarded Silver medals, certificates and a book on Bharathiyar to the best students of various schools.

All the Lion Ladies, Past Presidents and Members of the club presented a Silver medal, a certificate, a book on Bharathiyar to each and every student.

The function was attended by more than 200 persons and many of our members and lions from our District.

Lion CT. Natesan proposed formal vote of thanks.

Lion S.N.Harinarayanan, Chairman, Projects Committee arranged and compeered the entire proceedings.

All the students and parents were given sumptuous snacks, tea and ice cream.

Lion S.N.Harinarayanan.

Date: 05.01.2011

Annual Family Day 2010

Annual Family Day 2010

Lions club of central madras, district324a1, celebrated their annual fete family day 2010, at very picture skew venue, elite school of optometry, Dr. V.G. Appu kutty campus.

Around 75 family members with their kids, relatives and friends thoroughly enjoyed the fun, frolic, games, music and good food.
The occasion became more colorful and memorable to all members and their family members by the participation of our hon'y member lion. Dr. S.S. Badrinath, chairman emeritus, Dr. K.S. Vasan, M.D., Dr. Krishna Kumar, principal, ESO, and Mr. V. Krishnan, administrator, REH, from the Sankara Nethralaya family.

It is customary, for the club to service projects in any type of meeting held.

This time also there was plenty of them.

President lion. Thirumurugan welcomed the gathering.

The members paid their homage and respects to lion. Dr. V.G. Appukutty, as he died on 25th December.

Also members recalled the generosity of his family members for having come forward to donate this very precious land to Sankara Nethralaya.

Lion. G.V. Raman requested lion. Dr. Badrinath to accept the following low vision assistive devices, as a donation from lions club of central madras and well wishers of S.N.

1.Buddy player,

2. Class mate reader.

Both were donated by. Ms. Viji Dilip, intl. Head, book share, USA, who happens to be the student of lion. G.V. Raman,, a well known, charted acct and very good friend of lion Hari.

3. Intel reader with camera donated by ms. Bhavini and Mr., Rajan Atlanta, USA , very good friends of SN. and lion. Hari, as the appx Value, Rs. 100,000

4.Again, lion. Vijayaraghavan, member and very good friend of lion Hari has come forward to create an endowment for Rs. 50.000/, in memory of his father, lion. T.A, Radhakrishnan.

This will be used for recognizing the best out going student, of ESO in pharmacology.

We have given a cheque for Rs. 25,000/ as first installment.

Not to stop with this, our lion. G.V. Raman has mobilized another donation for Rs. 25,000/ towards the upgrading the low vision clinic.

Our member lion P.K. Chandrasekaran donated Rs. 2,500/ to vision research foundation.

Lion Dr. Badrinath was very kind to accept these small contributions from the lions club of central madras, fraternity.

President honored doctor with a ponnadai for getting D.Sc from the University of Missouri, USA on 18.12.2010.

True to his love and affection for the club, he honored our president lion. Thirumurugan

Dr. Krishna kumar, high lighted the usefulness of these assistive devices.

Region chairman lion Satishkumar offered his felicitations.

Zone chairman lion Ganesh shenoy graced the occasion.

Family day committee chairman, lion. Rajendran proposed the vote of thanks.

Project committee and sight first committee chairman lion Hari Narayanan coordinated the function.

Date: 12.11.2010

Lions club observes world sight day

Date: 25.10.2010


We announce with regret and grief the sudden demise of our beloved lion. Dr. P. Sivaraj on 17.10.10.

A pioneer in propagating voluntary blood donation, kind hearted person, philanthropic minded lion, leaving behind his sons and host of friends.

Again we were struck another blow. We lost iyyappa, lion. E.s. Krishnan, on 21.10.10. At 9pm.
Iyyappa left behind him, lion lady lakshmi, daughter poorani, son in law, A.S.kumar , grand daughter keerthana and host of devotees and friends.

His eyes were donated to Sankara Nethralaya and entire body was donated to ramachandra hospital porur Chennai.

Iyyappa Krishnan was awarded knight of the blind award in 2007 for his efforts for eye donation.

We pray god to give peace to the departed souls and strength to the families to with stand the huge irreparable loss.

Date: 30.08.2010

Service Commitment Pledge Campaign

Declare your commitment to Lions ideal of service and invite fellow Lions to do the same! Join President Scruggs in pledging to "support and participate in your Lions club's service activities and to make a difference in someone's life this year." Add your name to the growing list of members who know that their personal efforts can bring light where there is darkness and despair, and that by working together, Lions can have a huge impact on the entire world.

Sign the Pledge now!

Date: 30.08.2010


PROJECTS DONE FROM 30.07.2010 TO 09.08.2010.

To commemorate and celebrate our 40th charternite the committee has planned to do as many projects as possible which will be helpful to the community at large and poor people in particular.

The projects commenced from 30th of July 2010 and I am very glad to inform you the details of these projects.


1. On 31st July 2010 we gave break fast for the inmates of Iswari Datta Orthopaedic Centre, Chennai 600 028, the project was sponsored by Lion R.Ravindran, on the occasion of Lion Cub Reshma’s Birthday.

2. On 3.8.2010 we gave Lunch for the inmates Vishranthi, the project was sponsored by Lion Navin Jain, on the occasion of Lion Lady Monica’s Birthday.

3. On this morning we gave break fast for the inmates of Seva Samajam Children’s Home, Pallipattu, the project was sponsored by Lion R.Vijayaraghavan.

4. Tomorrow we will be giving Lunch to the inmates of Lions Academy for the Blind.


1. On 30th July 2010 and 2nd August 2010 we have screened the students of Seva Samajam Children’s Home, Pallipattu, Chennai 600 113.

227 students were screened and we found 10 students to be referred to Sankara Nethralaya for further examinations.

This is a joint project with Lodge Ramaprasad. Many of our past members are belonging to this Masonic Lodge and attended the camp.

2. On 1st August, 4th August & 8th August 2010 we have conducted Eye Screening Camp for Cataract at Nazerethpettai, Gill Nagar and Poonamallee.

50 patients were screened and 40 were taken to Sankara Nethralaya for further examination and surgery.

3. On 11th August we will be conducting Eye Screening Camp for Cataract at Gill Nagar.


We have conducted Dental Screening Camp at our adopted Panchayat Union Middle School, Kilnalathur, Thiruvalluvar District on 5.8.2010.

141 students were screened and 124 were found to have some defects such as cavity. 17 students were having good dental hygiene. We have announced that they will be given a good Tamil Book as a token of appreciation for their Dental Care.

Our member Lion Dr.Elangovan along with his colleague Dr. Imran came all the way to this village and screened the students.

The headmistress told that this is the first time the students were screened for dental care.


We have organized a blood donation camp in association with Lions Club of Annai, District 324 A8 on 6.8.2010 at St. Michael’s Poly Technic College, Avadi, Chennai.

During this camp 264 units of blood were collected. Egmore Lions Blood Bank sent their team. Our sincere thanks to Lion Dr.S.Mithra, District Chairman, Blood Donation, District 324 A8 and Lion Sathyaseelan, for giving this opportunity consecutively for this year also.

We trust this partnership will continue in the coming years.


We have conducted six camps on 3rd July, 10th July, 17th July, 24th July, 31st July & 7th August 2010 at Lions KRS Insulin Bank.

233 persons have been screened and we gave counseling to 50 persons to have consultation with a Diabetologist.

Our Lion Dr.Panneer Selvam, Chairman of the Insulin Bank has made elaborate arrangements to give publicity to this very important projects and also giving proper guidance to the persons who require.


On 3.8.2010 we have donated toys and dresses to the children of Udavum karangal, T.Nagar, Chennai 600 017. This project was sponsored by our Lion Dr.Elangovan.


We joined along with Lions Club of KRS in the fund raising programme for creating awareness and prevention of Cancer and donated a sum of Rs.40,000/- in a glittering function held on 1.8.2010. Our PDG Lion G.V.Raman presented the cheque for Rs. 10 lakhs to Dr.Shantha of Cancer Institute.



We visited Perambur Village, Needamangalam Taluk, Tanjore District for conducting Eye Screening camp in April 2009.

Camp was conducted in a Panchayat Board School. At that time the school Headmaster requested us to provide furniture for the benefit of the students. They were sitting on floor till such time.

We have assured them we will try to do whatever we can. Now we are pleased to inform you that we have provided necessary benches for three classes to accommodate around 60 students.

The project was formally inaugurated on 18th July 2010. On the occasion of the birthday of Sri N.Swaminathan, partner of our Lion S.Raghavan.

The project cost was Rs.51,000/-. The entire amount was donated by Sri N.Swaminathan and our Lion S.Raghavan.


On seeing the benefit of the project at Brinda Primary School, Gopalapuram, Lion S.Raghavan and N.Swaminathan requested us to implement this project at Panchayat Elementary School, Perambur Village, Needamangalam Taluk, Tanjore District.

They are donating a sum of Rs.30,000/- which will benefit 100 to 125 girl students and improve their attendance to the school and reduce the drop out.


We are running this health centre for the benefit of the people living in and around Kilnalalthur for the past 16 years. We have been providing necessary medicines and medical care by employing part time physicians and a fulltime nurse. For this project our charter member Lion Dr.C.V.Ananthasayanam donated Rs.50000 for the up keep and running of this centre. I now request our Chief Guest to hand over the cheque to Lion T.S.Sarangarajan, Lion Nachimuthu and Lion Rajendra Kumar.


We are donating a cheque for Rs.6000/- to Medical Research Foundation. To perform one Cataract Surgery to any deserving

person on 14th August & in memory of Sri Sankararaman, a philanthropic hearted gentle man who passed away recently. The entire amount is being donated by Lion D.Rajagopalan.

We are again donating a sum of Rs.3000/- to Medical Research Foundation towards the cost of an imported for performing a cataract surgery to Mohammed Harish (MRD No.2020194) a four years old boy who lost his mother on the day of his birth. Excepting the cost of the Lens all other procedures are free of cost.

We are donating a sum of Rs.25,000/- to Sankara Nethralaya / Sri Ramachandra Medical College towards the assistance in performing Keemotheraphy for from West Bengal.

Lion Ashok Kumar Metha, Lion P.K.Chandrasekaran, Lion Gunasekaran, and Mr.Elango have donated this amount.

I request Lion G.V.Raman to give the cheque to Mr.V.Sivakumar of Sankara Nethralaya.


On seeing the performance of Lion KRS Insulin Bank for Juvenile Diabetic PDG Lion M.V.Raghunathan and Lion Lady Shantha Raghunathan are donating a sum of Rs.50,000/-. As Lion M.V.Raghunathan is out of India, Lion Dr.G.Manilal of District 324 A8, will hand over the money to our Chief Guest on his behalf. I now request our Chief Guest to give the money to Lion Dr.A.Panneer Selvam, Project Chairman, Lion KRS Insulin Bank.

Regular projects of the month.

Eye Screening Camp :
18th & 19th of August Central School Street, Chennai 94. at 3.00 P.M.
21st AUgust at Aswini Eye CLinic, AMbattur at 3.00 P.M.

Diabeties Detection and Awareness Camp : on daily from 10.8.2010 9.00 A.M. to 12 Noon at KRS Insulin Bank, CHennai 94.

Lion S.N.Harinarayanan, Chairman, Projects.

Date: 03.06.2010

Helen Keller Remembrance Day.

Held on 3rd June 2010 at Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai 600 006.

Chief Guest Lion Dr.Ashok Mehta, PIP, Lions Clubs International.
Guests of Honour Ln. Dr. S.S.Badrinath, Chairman, Emirates.
Ln.T.Bakthavathsalam, Governor, Dist.324 A1.
Ln. Dr.K.S.Lakshmi, IPDG, Dist. 324 A1.

Special Invitees : Mr.V.Vaidyanathan, Chairman, &
Ln. Dr.T.S.Surendran, Vice Chairman,
Sankara Nethralaya.

The Eleventh Helen Keller Remembrance Day was held on 3rd June 2010 at the State of the Art Auditorium of Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai.

President Lion R.Ravindran, welcomed the dignitaries and also the audience who have assembled for this most prestigious meeting in the history of Lions Club of Madras Central.

PDG Lion G.V.Raman spoke about the history of the event which started way back in 1999-2000 and getting more meaning and spreading into different area for propagating the message of Helen Keller to be the Knights of the Blind and eradicate avoidable blindness.

Dr. N.Radhika, Senior Cornea Consultant, Sankara Nethralaya gave a speech on the extra ordinary skills and the humane touch to the patients of Dr. G.Sitalakshmi during her close association with her. Really it touched everybody’s heart and everybody moved by the qualities of Dr. G.Sitalakshmi. Lion Dr. S.S.Badrinath also spoke on the occasion highlighting the spirit of Helen Keller and also the person who gave the back up and strength Helen Keller to achieve what she wanted, who is none other than the teacher Ann Sullivan. This was the best example for the students and teacher relationship which led to give glory to Helen Keller. Lion Dr. S.S.Badrinath also informing the gathering the Never say Die the spirit of Dr. G.Sitalakshmi who demanded permission from him to go to Italy and learn the latest technique of MOOKP procedures and perform in Sankara Nethralaya. She did get permission from him and went to Italy specialize the skill and returned back to India and performed a procedure successfully on many patients. Incidentantly she became the first women in the world to perform this procedure. The various awards instituted by Lions Club of Madras Central were presented by the Chief Guest and Guests of Honour.

Past President LCI, Lion Dr.Ashok Mehta presented –
Dr.G.Sitalakshmi Gift of Sight Award to Dr.Leila Mohan, Chief Ophthalmologist, Comtrust Eye Hospital, Calicut.

I (Eye) Care Award to –
Lions Club of Karim Nagar Charitable Eye Hospital, Rekurthi. A.P.
R.R.Lions Eye Hospital, Palakole, A.P.
Pediatric Ophthalmology Department, Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai.

Knight of the Blind Award to –
Lion Dipit Bhatia, President, Lions Club of Sembium, District 324 A6.

Lion Dr.S.S.Badrinath presented –
Knight of the Blind Award to – Dr. Srikrishna Ingle. Chief Ophthalmologist.
Lions Club of Karim Nagar Charitable Eye Hospital, Rekurthi. A.P.
Dr.Thota Srinivasa Rao, Chief Ophthalmologist.
R.R.Lions Eye Hospital, Palakole, A.P.

Sri V.Vaidyanathan presented –
I (EYE) Care Award to – Tulsi Rural Development Trust, Chennai.

Lion T.Bakthavathsalam presented –
Commendation Award to – Sankara Nethralaya, Rameswaram Branch.

Knight of the Blind Award to – Dr.S.Meenakshi, Pediatric Ophthalmologist, Sankara Nethralaya,

Lion Dr.K.S.Lakshmi presented –
Knight of the Blind Award to – Mr.K.Arul Kumar and Mr.V.Krishna, Community Wing of Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai.

Chief Guest Lion Dr.Ashok Mehta narrated the Lions Internationals signature project Sight First and how the organization is going on mobilization funds for supporting various projects to avoid and eradicate the avoidable blindness through out the globe. He congratulated Lions Club of Central Madras for observing Helen Keller Remembrance Day continuously for the past eleven years. He also congratulated all the recipients for their sincere work in the cause of avoiding blindness and also receiving the awards which were more meaningful to everybody’s life.

Lion T.Bakthavathsalam, District Governor and Lion Dr.K.S.Lakshmi, IPDG, congratulated all the recipients and also the meaningful projects conducted by Lions Club of Madras Central for the past 39 years.

All the para medical staff and supporting staff of community wing of the Sankara Nethralaya were recognized for their services rendered to the poor patients by the members of Lions Club of Madras Central with a memento.

Lion Dr.Surendran offered felicitation to the recipients of the award and also to the Lions Club of Madras Central.

The meeting was well attended by the representatives from the various hospitals from Andhra Pradesh and Kerala and staff of Sankara Nethralaya and members of Lions Fraternity.

Lion K.Jayaraman proposed vote of thanks for all the awardees and also the SN family for the support to make this event a more memorable one.

Meeting ended with National Anthem at 7.07 P.M. as planned.

Lion S.N.Harinarayanan,
Chairman – Sight First & Projects.

Healthcare institutions, doctors honoured - The Hindu

Date: 21.05.2010 to 27.05.2010

Super speciality camp at Lions Sight First Eye Hospital, Loresho, Nairobi, Kenya.

At the outset I must thank the important telephone call on 19.3.2010 from our Past International President Lion Dr.Ashok Mehta. He informed over the telephone that he would be sending past International Director Lion S.P.Amin to Sankara Nethralaya and takes him around the Hospital and introduce him to Lion Dr.S.S.Badrinath.

Accordingly PID Lion Dr.Amin visited Hospital. Along with our PDG Lion G.V.Raman I took him around the hospital and also introduce him to Lion Dr.S.S.Badrinath.

PID Lion Dr.Amin briefed Lion Dr. Badrinath about the activities and plans at the Lions Hospital at Loresho. During the meeting Dr. Rashmin Gandhi informed Lion Dr. Amin that S.N. is planning to have a super specialty camp for three days at Nairobi, in association with Rotary Club of Chennai Galaxy, Rotary District 3230, Rotary International of Pakistan and Rotary Club of Muthaiga, Nairobi during the month of May. On hearing this Lion Dr. Amin requested Lion Dr.S.S.Badrinath and Dr.Rashmin Gandhi to extent the camp for another three days for the benefit of patients visiting Lions Eye Hospital.

Accordingly a team of two Occuloplasty Consultants, one Vitreo Retinal Consultant and one Neuro ophthalmology Consultant along with Charter President of Rotary Club of Chennai Galaxy and Past President of Lions Club of Madras Central landed in Nairobi on 21st of May 2010.

Lions Eye Hospital, Loresho made elaborate arrangements for receiving and accommodating camp patients and through open their supporting staff, clinical officers and the hospital for the use of the camp.

Rotary Club of Muthaiga, and Roto crat clubs took charge of registration of the camp patients on all the four days.

Nearly more than 1000 patients attended the camp and the team of Doctors of Chennai has given :

More than 60 Vitreo Retinal Consultation and 30 laser procedures had been performed by Dr. Pukhraj Rishi.

Nearly 80 to 100 patients were given occuloplasty consultations and more than 30 procedures including D.C.R. procedures were performed by Dr. Bibasha Mukherji and Dr.Shoubhra Goel.

More than 100 patients were given Nureo Opthal consultations by Dr.Rashmin Gandhi. In addition Dr.Rashmin Gandhi gave a talk on the approach neuro opthal problems with a nice multi media presentation at Dr.M.P.Shah Hospital, Nairobi. Many local ophthalmologists, neuro surgeons and general physicians attended the meeting.

The formal launch of the camp was held on 23rd May 2010.

The Rotary Governor of District 9200, IPDG Rotarian Kaushik Menak, PID Lion Manoj Shah, PDG Lion Samuel and the Ambassadors of Pakistan and Uganda, President of Rotary Club of Muthaiga and Charter President Rotarian Karikalan and Lion S.N.Harinarayanan and many others participated in the Gala Meeting.

The hospitality extended by Rotary Club of Muthaiga, sphere headed by Rtn. Geetha Menak, and her team and also PID Lion Dr.S.P.Amin and his team through out the stay at Nairobi.

Lion Dr. S.P.Amin also gave a nice parting gift by arranging a good safari visit with a night stay at Lake Nakaru.

The team returned to Chennai on 28.5.2010 after fulfilling a memorable meaningful and useful camp at Nairobi.

The visit has enhanced in building the relationship and partnership with International Service organization such as Rotary and Lions Clubs.

Lion S.N.Harinarayanan,
Chairman – Sight First & Projects.
(M) 98408 18802.
e-mail id :

Date: 13.02.2010

School Trophy & Medal Distribution Function

The Unique and Mega Educational Projects of the year, the 39th School Trophy & Medal Distribution Function was held on 13.02.2010 at Meenakshi College for Women, Chennai 600 024 from 3.30 P.M.

125 schools in Chennai including 47 schools from Chennai Corporation and four government schools have sent one best student of 10th Standard from their schools.

Three city schools and two corporation schools which got first rank student and also 2 Corporation Schools which secured 100% pass also represented with their students and head masters / head mistress.

Lion Ravindran, welcomed the gathering with his opening remarks on the project and how the Lions, Lion K.Rangarajan, Lion Andal Rajaram, Lion C.D.Murugan Babu, Lion Vijayalakshmi Thavva, and Lion K.Gunasekaran have come forward to institute these trophies in memory and honour of their close relatives. He further informed that, driven by their enthusiasm, he himself got motivated to institute one trophy in memory and honour of his mother.

Lion Andal Rajaram, the Education Committee Chairman presented her report recalling the genesis of the project right from the year 1971 and how the Lion Ladies of those time thought of this wonderful project to be done by them and it is not surprising it is continuing year after year.

Lion Captain Venkat Rajaram introduced the Chief Guest Hon’ble Justice K.Venkataraman in his unique and interesting way.

Our PDG.. Lion. G.V. Raman, told the audience need for the Eye Donation
To propagate this, he requested the chief guest to release a poster which appeals for EYE DONATION AND GIVES THE TELEPHONE NUMBERS of the EYE BANKS.

Hon’ble, Justice . K. Venkataraman, released the posters, before his address.

Justice K.Venkataraman gave a thought provoking speech to students, parents and teachers.

He requested all, to Be Human. He requested teachers and parents not to compare their students with other students. He emphasized each one is unique in his / her own way and in their respective sphere.

He recalled the world saying “Matha, Pitha, Guru, Theivam and advised students to follow this script in the same order through out their life time.

He assured them this quality will take them to the greater heights and give them happiness and peacefulness through out their life.

Justice Venkataraman awarded the following Trophies.

1. Thavva Saraswathi Trophy – First Rank in Higher Secondary Examination.
Selvi Shahana Begum A – Corporation Higher Secondary School, Chennai 11.

2. Rock Pearl Group of Companies Trophy – First Rank In S S L C Examination.
Selvi Agalya Tharani D – Corporation Girls HSS, Chennai 34.

Mrs. K.Venkataraman w/o. Justice K.Venkataraman awarded the following Trophy.

3. Hon’ble Justice P. Venugopal Trophy – First Rank in Matriculation Examination.
Selvi Kishanthy R – Velankanni Matriculation Hr. Secondary School, Chennai 83.

District Governor Lion T.Bakthavathsalam offered his felicitation to the student’s teachers and parents and elaborated the good work done by Lions Clubs in various Corporation and Government Schools to improve their infrastructure. Especially providing good and clean drinking water by installing RO Plants.

He also awarded Dr. K.Seetha Trophy – First Rank in SSLC Examination.
Selvi Bhattaram Sneha Priya – Children Garden Higher Secondary School, Chennai 600 004.

Immediate Past District Governor Lion Dr.K.S.Lakshmi offered her felicitation and taken the audience back for many years right from the days of Lion K.R.S.

She awarded Mrs. Ammini Ramanathan Trophy – First Rank in Higher Secondary Examination.
Selvi V.Bhoomika – D A V Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Chennai 600 094.

PDG Lion G.V.Raman awarded Lion K.R.Sundararajan (KRS) commendation Trophy
to the Corporation High School, Kilpauk, Chennai 10 for securing 100% pass in S S L C Examination in 2009.

Lion R.Ravindran, President of the Club awarded Lion C.R.Dhanapal Commendation Cup to the Corporation Higher Secondary School, Koyambedu, Chennai 600 107.

All the Lion Ladies, Past Presidents and Members of the club presented a Silver medal, a certificate, a book on Bharathiyar and Eye Donation Poster to each and every student.

The function was attended by 500 people and many of our members and Lions from our District.

Lion C.T.Natesan, Advisor, Medal Distribution project compeered the entire proceedings.

Lion Vijayalakshmi Thavva proposed formal vote of thanks.

All the students and parents were given sumptuous snacks and tea before the commencement of the function.

Lion. S.N.Harinarayanan.

Regular Projects

1) Eye Screening Camps

2) Diabetes Detection Camps.

3) Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Camps.

Events Observed
1) Teacher’s Day – September.
2) World Sight Day – Second Thursday of October.
3) United Nations Day – 24th October.
4) World Diabetes Day – 14th November.
5) Helen Kellers’ Day – 1st June.
Recent Photogallery
1) School Trophy & Medal Distribution Function on 13.02.2010
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