Dear Brothers & Sisters in Lionism,

We are coming to the end of this lionistic year, 2011-12.
We are also entering in to our 42nd. year in just a few hours from now.
I want to share some of the projects we have carried out during this with you all in the following paragraphs.


• Instituted MJF Lion. G.V.Raman Trophy and Lion MJF.K.Aanantha Chari Trophy for the winner and runner up in the Inter Collegiate Oratorical    Competition.

•  Instituted Lion. P.Vijaya Commendation Certificate for the Third place in the Inter Collegiate Oratorical Competition.

•  MJF Lion. G.Srinivasan Trophy was instituted for the Runner up in the Inter Collegiate Quiz Competitions.

•  Instituted MJF Lion K.Jayaraman Commendation Certificate for the Third Place in the Inter Collegiate Quiz Competition.

•  Incentive for improving the attendance and for reducing the drop outs, was awarded to the 150 students studying in the Gopalapuram Brinda Primary    School, Chennai 600086.

•  This is the fourth year.

Sight First.

•  Donated 50,000/ worth of Low Vision Assitive devices to Sankara Nethralaya

•  Donated Rs. 60,000/ to provide furniture to the JCOC Dining Hall at Sankara Nethralaya, 32 Greams Road, Chennai, 600006. Rs. 50,000/ was donated    to Sankara Nethralaya towards their Corpus fund. 12 pairs of Cornea were collected , taking total number to 112 pairs.

•  Donated Rs.. 69,750/ to Sankara Nethralaya as Grant in Aid from L.C.I.F for December 2008. So far the club has obtained Rs. 75,00,000/ (Approx.)from    L.C.I.F. as Grant in Aid from July 2001 to January 2009. and donated to Sankara Nethralaya.

•  More than 250 spectacles were donated to the needy students.

•  Conducted many Eye Screening camps for cataract, school children and Diabetic Retinopathy.

   Dr. K.Rosaiah, The Governor of Tamilnadu inaugurated the camp.We also honoured 11 eminent personalities involved in the Eye Care, Blood Donation    and Diabetes Care. The Awards were presented by His Excellency the Governor of Tamilnadu. This event was well covered in all leading news papers.

•  Helen Keller Remembrance Day was observed on 1.6.12. His Excellency Mr. Mike Nithavrianakis, Deputy High Commissioner , British Deputy High    Commission was the Chief Guest and Presented the I(CARE) Award, Knight of the Blind Award and Dr. G.Sitalakshmi Gift of Sight Award. This event also    well covered in leading news papers.

Community Services.

•  Installing and Commissioning of a R.O. Plant to provide pure and clean drinking water facility at Gopalapuram Brinda Primary School, Chennai, 600006    at a cost of 2,30,000/

•  Instituted Memorial Awards in memory and honour of our Past Presidents, Lion. Dr. P.Sivaraj, Lion Dr. C.V.Ananthasayanam and Lion E.S.Krishnan.

•  In the inaugural year 2011-12, these awards were presented by His Excellency Dr. K.Rossiah, The Governor of Tamilnadu to 11 persons

•  A corpus fund of Rs, 50,000/ , for this was created in 2011-12.

•  Dr. (Miss) T.R. Kanaka, the first Neuro Surgeon in the South Asia, was honored on the International Women's Day.
   This event was also well covered in The Hindu.
   Mr. Kamesh Santhanam was honoured with "Young Achiever" Award.

•  Providing tiles for the flooring and walls for the Toilets at Panchayat Board School at Panaiyur

• Celebrated "Teachers' Day at National Institute of Empowerment of Multiple Disabled Persons, Muttukadu, Chennai along with the students and    honoured the Teachers working there.


•  A corpus fund of Rs. 2,00,000. was added to Lion K.R.S. Insulin Bank for Juvenile Diabetics.

•  Many camps on Diabetes Awareness, Detection and management were conducted.

• Know Your Diabetes" a booklet authored by our Lions Dr. A.Sundaram & Dr. A.Panneerselvam,was released by His Excellency The Governor of    Tamilnadu on 29.2.12. and distributed to the general public.

Cancer Awareness.

•  Rs. 50,000/ was donated to Cancer Institute through the District.
   Power point presentation on the "Awareness on Cancer" on two occasions were done.

Blood Donation.

•  More than 1,000 units of blood collected during 15 camps conducted.
   Blood grouping was also done to more than 1000persons during the camp.


1) Par Excellence Award for the Club---Central Madras is in the top 5 Clubs of the District
2) Education for all
3) Eye screening camps
4) Eye donation
5) Membership growth
6) R.O.Plant
7) Par excellence award for Lion Andal Rajaram, President/ LionS.Rajendran, Sec/ Lion. M.S.SasikumarTreasurer
8) Par excellence awards for Lion C.T.Natesan Zone Chairman/ & DC--Chella Sudhakar
9) International President Medal for the President, Lion Andal Rajaram.
10) Cash award of Rs. 200,000/ from the District Governor.
11) Excellence in Effort Award, Sight Conservation, Awareness and Action from the Lions clubs International, to Lion S.N.Harinarayanan,
      Chairman- Projects.

The list is very big and hence I briefed some important projects.

It gives us immense satisfaction and pleasure when we go through these services rendered by all of us.

It also gives us further motivation to continue to do similar activities not only in the year 2012-13, but also year after year thereafter.

Let us all give our full support to our Lion. R.Rajendran, President & his team to scale new heights and bring more glory and laurel to Lions Club of Central Madras, by way of sparing "A LITTLE OF OUR, TIME, TALENT & TREASURE"

Finally, I thank each one of you for extending your fullest cooperation which gave me strength to take forward.

Wish to see you with more projects in the year 2012-13.

Lion. S.N.Harinarayanan.


Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings to you and to your family.
Yet another glorious chapter of our club ended just now and a new chapter 41st, is opening, slowly but steadily.
In the year passed by , we have done very good service activities, in various fields.
I give a brief on them.

1. Eye screening. We have conducted as many as 30 camps, screened about 500 persons, performed 350 cataract surgeries with the continious help of     SANKARA NETHRALAYA, JCOC.

2. Again with the help of ESO, an unit of Sankara Nethralaya, we screened about 600tudents and provided 30 spectacles to them.

3. We were able to collect 11 pairs of cornea during the year, 9 pairs to Sankara nethralaya, one pairto SRMC Porur and one pair to Govt. Hospital, Salem.

4. A massive awareness program on Eye Donation was held to motivate young students on the need and necessity of this noble act which will help in giving     sight to two individuals.

5. Two diabetic retinopathy camps were conducted, again with the help of Sankara Nethralaya, Tele-Ophthalmology Dept. more than 200 diabetics were     benifitted.

6. Six diabetes awareness and detection camps were held benifitting 750 persons.hand bills and books were distributed.

7. Many blood donation camps were held and more than 1,000 units of blood collected.

8. For more than 500 students Blood Grouping was done and ID Cards were given.

9. Scholarships to deserving students were given to the tune of rs. 10,000/

10. We conducted the annual Inter Collegiate Oratorical and Quiz competition with interesting cash prizes.

11. Our annual silver medal and trophy award function held with Worshipfull Mayor of Chennai as Chief Guest.

12. A dental camp was conducted for the benifit of students of Panchayat Middle School, Kilnallthur Village.

13. The unique project, improving the attendance and reduce the absents, for the students of Gopalapuram Brinda Primary school was conducted. this        time we gave the incentives to the boys also.

Signature Projects.
The donation of Whole Body of Lion ESK, to SRMC, Porur by Lion E.S. Krishanan's Family.
Donating several assistive devices to the Low Vision Clinic, Sankara Nethralaya worth more than Rs.300,000/ with the help of many well wishers.
Instituting Lion. T.A. Radhakrishnan endowement at Elite School of Optometry.
observing Helen Keller Remembrance Day. lion Aruna Oswal PDG 324C3 graced the meeting as Chief Guest and presented the awards.
The list goes on and on.
That is Lions Club of Central Madras.
Every year the new team take our motto "WE SERVE" to greater heights.
The 41st year is not going to be an exception.
The year under the new team with Lion Andal at the helm,we can expect many more new and innovative projects and events during the course of the year.
Let us all give a big hand to her and take a resolve to spare " A LITTLE OF, OUR TIME, TREASURE & TALENT" to make her dream a reality.
I earnestly request every one of you to visit our web site regularly.

With best wishes,
Your partner in service,
Lion. Hari.

From the Desk of Past Dist. Governor:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Lionism,

A website is perhaps the best method of communicating to everyone about our club andthe various details about our members ,our programs,projects and photographs. It is ourgood luck that our Project Committee Chairman took the initiative and with theassistance of Sankara Nethralaya it became a reality. I would request our members toregularly visit our website since it is being updated on a very sustined and continuousbasis.I visit it atleast once in a week and learn and I am amazed at the variousprojects that are being planned and metculously executed by Lion Hari. It makes meproud to be a Lion belonging to our great club LIONS CLUB OF CENTRAL MADRAS.We should all support the efforts of Lion Hari by donating liberally to the projectsand also motivate the general public to comeup with munificient donations.Please informyour friends and relatives about our website and request them to visit it. My grateful
thanks and heartiest congratulations to Lion Hari and Sankara Nethralaya.Your Partner in SERVICELion GVR

With Lionistic Regards
Yours in Lionism.

Dear Lion Harinarayanan,

I am delighted to learn that Lions Club of Central madras has now a website of its own. Naturally this will enable not only our members but other lions and even general public to know about the several activities of our club and the details about our members.

We should really be thankful to the Web Development Team ofSankara Nethralaya for their expertise and help in making this possible.

I would like to place on record my congratulations and great appreciation to you for not only conceiving the idea but also for bringing it to fruition. Your remarkable perseverence has made this possible for which all the members of Lions Club of Central Madras are forever grateful to you.

With Lionistic Regards
Yours in Lionism.
Dist. Governor 1995-96

President Message on July 14, 2011

Dear fellow lions,

Greetings! Our club made history in 2009 when we first hosted our website. We can see for ourselves how much the website has grown since then. The plethora of information available about all our projects, important events with wonderful photographs in the website photo gallery highlights the reputation and standing of our club in the District.

Our Project Chairman Ln Hari has also painstakingly entered all the data about our members. The website is literally a treasure trove of our club's events and projects. Ln Hari and the Sankara Nethralaya Team deserve all kudos for the effort and hard work they have put in towards making the website informative as well as interesting.

Ln Andal Rajaram
President 2011-2012

From the Desk of President:

Dear fellow lions,

Greetings to you all.
I am very glad today, a red letter &golden day in the history of our club.

we decided while planning projects for this year in may 2009, we will launch our web site during the year. Our dream has come true with the solid and unflinching support from sankara nethralay, in designing and hoisting the site.

we thank sankara nethralaya and entire  S.N. familyfrom the bottom of our heart. We are very fortunate  that the web site will be launced by our Dist. Governor in a short while from now on this auspisious day. From now on we will post all our club information on the website. Please browse regularly and give your feed back for improvement.

Your partner in service,
Lion. R. Ravindran.

Message from Secretary: 

Dear lions, at the outset, i wish you all happy pongal. Today is a day a step forward in the communication by electronic media. Our governor will launch the site on this auspicious day.

I will be posting the communications on the site.

I request to browse the site regularly and know about the club's activities. Your suggestions will be helpful in improving the coverage.
i than kwhole heartedly on behalf of our club, the main archtechts of this site and who made this possible, Sankara Nethralaya.

Yours in lionsm,
Lion. Thavva. Vijayalakshmi.

Message from Treasurer:

My dear fellow lions,

My best wishes for a happy New Year and Pongal.

On this golden day of the launch of our club's website, I am thrilled and feel that my dream has come true.i will also try to put the financial matters, accounts, budjet etc. on the website. Ofcourse, there will be an access code. This we will give to our members alone for accessing this particular details.

Hope you will appreciate this. The site will be fast and reduce their postage and conserve paper for some other use. finally, enjoy the web site by using it.

Yours in lionism,
S. Thirumurugan.

Regular Projects

1) Eye Screening Camps

2) Diabetes Detection Camps.

3) Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Camps.

Events Observed
1) Teacher’s Day – September.
2) World Sight Day – Second Thursday of October.
3) United Nations Day – 24th October.
4) World Diabetes Day – 14th November.
5) Helen Kellers’ Day – 1st June.
Recent Photogallery
1) School Trophy & Medal Distribution Function on 13.02.2010
2) Gallery-1
3) Gallery-2
4) Gallery-3